Chemical Dosing Tanks

DAYLIFF chemical tanks are specially designed for use in dosing applications of various concentrate chemicals. They are made from strong corrosion resistant GRP and are available in various sizes according to applications. All are provided with a reinforced top to support a dosage pump mixer, an inspection/filling cover and a graduated chemical volume scale. A variety of dosage pumps are available to suit the dosage requirement.

Also available are hand and electric mixer options to provide chemical concentrate consistency. Electric mixers are of low speed 200rpm type and specification includes a 120W geared motor and PVC shaft with paddle and they are suitable for low and medium viscosity liquids. Two models are available with 150mm and 220mm paddle diameter depending upon the dosage tank size. Hand mixers are made from PVC and include a Vshaped mixing plate and a lever handle.

Tank Size   100L 170L 400L 600L 1000L
Liquid Height A 790 1140 1200 900 1200
Tank Diameter B 500 500 650 900 1200
Between propeller & Tank Bottom C 37.5 37.5 48.75 67.5 90
Between the two propeller D 300 300 390 540 720
Propeller Diameter E 150 150 220 220 220
Electric Mixer   MS112M4P06E1500 MS112M4P11E2200