Alldos Dosage Pumps

Grundfos Alldos chemical dosage pumps are high specification products designed for dosing a wide range of chemicals in general water treatment and industrial process applications. All feature precise mechanical diaphragm operation fully at maximum output, the resulting smooth action providing assured dosage accuracy and quiet operation.

All pumps feature corrosion resistant PVC for the pump bodies and dosing heads, EPDM diaphragms and ceramic valve ball. Other materials for special applications are available on request. They are also supplied with complete installation kits including foot valve with strainer, injector valve, 2m PVC suction hose and 6m PE delivery hose.

DD Range
The DD range are state-of-the-art digital dosage pumps that incorporate a number of technology leading features. At the heart of all pumps is a powerful variable speed motor that gives highly accurate dosage at constant stroke length, dosage rate varying with stroke speed. The pumps also feature intelligent microprocessor control that provide many benefits in terms of control, dosage accuracy, protection and reliability. Other features include adjustment from 0.1 - 100% fo the rated flow. Models are available as follows:-

DDE A basic pump with all the operating features but for manual control. Connections are also available for external concentrate tank level control. Pulse input enabled model available on request.

DDC As for DDE but with advanced control features added including a digital display control module that incorporated a number of operating features as well as the facility for variable dosage rates controlled by an analogue signal from an external probe that senses the closed water condition.

DMX221 models are larger capacity heavy duty high specification pumps fitted with AC motors and provided with advance gear drive to the diaphragm spindle to provide smooth, low-pulsating dosage. Simple and accurate flow adjustment by means of an external knob is provided which allows variable dosage rates from 10 to 100% of the rated flow.


Model Max Flow (l/hr) Max Pressure (Bar) V Stroke (cc) Motor Size (W) Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
A B Width
DDE 6-10 6 10 0.81 19 280 196 120 2.4
DDC 6-10 6 10 0.81 19 280 196 120 2.4
DDE 15-4 15 4 1.58 22 280 200 120 2.4
DDC 15-4 15 4 1.58 22 280 200 120 2.4
DMX 221-50 50 10 6.9 90 319 275 175 10
DMX 221-115 115 3 16 90 319 330 175 11