Dosatron In-Line Chemical Feeders

Dosatron proportional chemical feeders are a unique solution for accurate in-line injection of a wide range of chemicals for various water treatment, agricultural and industrial applications. Installed directly on the raw water supply line, a hydraulic motor pump uses the water flow as its energy source. This pump in turn activates the dosing piston. Particular benefits are:-

  • Fully automatic operation with dosage directly proportional to flow.
  • Simple to install and no external power source required.
  • Highly accurate and consistent dosage externally adjustable as required.
  • Accommodates large dosage ranges and operating pressures.

Dosatron is principally used for water treatment applications particularly chlorination. Installation is simple and can be in line taking the full water flow or on a bypass for larger flow rates. Speacilised application products are available on request.

Built principally from high quality engineering plastics and incorporating simple mechanical components, Dosatron feeders are designed for long-term reliability and durability. Now extensively proven the world over, Dosatron is established as the preferred option whenever consistent and accurate chemical dosage is an essential requirement for any production or environmental process.

Feed Water: Thin, clean non aggressive liquids without fibres or particles pre-filtered to atleast 300 micron (50 mesh). Pre-treatment is required for feed water with higher levels of suspended solids.
Chemical Concentrate: Thin, clean chemicals including most acids, alkalis and polymers for standard units. Special models are available for aggresive and viscous chemicals and can be specified on request.
Operating Water Temp: Min 5°C - Max40°C
Average Dosage Accuracy: ±5%
Repeatability: +/-3% (API standard)
Suction Performance: Self-priming, max4m
Viscosity: PV kit required above 200 cSt at 20°C and max with PV kit 400 cSt

Model Data


Operating Flow


Dosing Range

Pressure Range



Pressure Loss



Stroke Volume








% Ratio Hmax W
D25RE2 0.01-2.5 0.2-2 1:500-1:50  0.3-6  0.3-1.9  0.45 3/4" BSP  473  160 
D3RE2 0.01-3  0.2-3  0.2-2.3 0.53 3/4" BSP  569 218 2
D45RE15 0.1-4.5  0.2-1.5  1:500-1:33 0.5-5 0.1-1.7 0.8 1" BSP 531 180 3.2 
D8RE2 0.5-8  0.2-2   1:500-1:50   0.15-8  0.2-1.7 1.7 1/1/2" BSP 660 218 5.5
D20S 1-20  0.12-10 0.12-0.88  5 2" BSP  1320 380 23