AGSOL Hammer Mill

Agsol MicroMill is an efficient and dependable electric hammer mill used for processing a wide range of dried grains including maize, sorghum and millet or tubers like cassava to provide fine flour for domestic consumption through to coarse animal feed. Fitted with a brushless DC motor with smart electronic controls, the mill features maximum efficiency, ease of use and maintenance free operation. The mill can be powered from solar, grid or rechargeable batteries with different supply options available as follows:

  • DC MicroMill Unit:  Supplied with power cable, buyer must arrange 48V DC supply.
  • AC MicroMill:  Supplied with single phase 220-240V AC-DC power adaptor.
  • Solar MicroMill: Supplied with any mix of charge controller, battery and/or solar panels. The standard solar package Includes 600Wh li-ion battery (LFP), 48V MPPT charge controller, and 600W of solar PV. Battery, PV capacity can be adapted to meet customer requirements.


Production Capacity (Maize Flour) 55kg/h ± 10%
Production Capacity (Chicken Feed 6mm) 250 kg/hr
Holding Capacity (Standard Hopper) 5kg
Screen Size Available 6mm,3mm, 1.5mm, 1.2mm, 1mm
Motor Rating/Power Consumption 1,000W/800W
Input Voltage Nominal/ Range 46 - 55 VDC
Rated Spindle Speed 12,000 RPM
Dimensions LxWxH 30x21x50cm
Machine Weight 6.5kg