Terms of Warranty


In lieu of any warranty, condition or liability implied by law, the liability of Davis & Shirtliff (hereafter called the Company) in respect of any defect or failure of equipment supplied or for any loss, injury or damage attributable thereto is limited to making good by replacement or repair (at the Company’s discretion) defects which under proper use appear therein and arise solely from faulty design, materials or workmanship within a specified period. This period commences after the equipment has been dispatched or, if applicable, installed by the Company and at its termination all liability ceases.

This warranty applies solely to equipment supplied or work carried out by the Company and no claim for consequential damages, however arising, will be entertained. Also the warranty specifically excludes defects caused by fair wear and tear, the effects of careless handling, lack of maintenance, faulty installation, and incompetence on the part of the equipment user, acts of God or any other cause beyond the Company’s reasonable control. Also, any repair or attempt at repair carried out by any other party invalidates all warranties.


2.1 General Terms 

Standard warranty period for all the brands (hereafter called the named products) is as detailed in the schedule below, subject to the specific terms detailed in clause 2.2.


  • Consumables e.g. cartridges are not covered by Warranty
  • Components making up the plant or system are covered individually under the specific item's warranty terms.
  • Warranty will not be honoured for any equipment that fails within the warranty period where all or some of the payment remains due.
Model Product Description

D&S Warranty

Full Warranty
50% Warranty
DAYLIFF SOLAR Solar Modules 25 10 15
Huawei SUN2000 Series up to 25kW 10 10 0
Future Pumps (SF2 and SE1) 10 5 5
DAYLIFF SOLAR &VESSELS Huawei: SUN2000 Series above 25kW & Power-M
Lithuim-Ion Batteries: Champion, DLIP and Huawei
5 3 2
Solar water heaters: UFD, UFS, UFX, UVT, UVR, CWS,
5 3 2

GWS & DVX Vessels (diaphragm), Dayliff Polyglas Tanks
(up to 16”)
GRP Filters: CX and DX

5 3 2
HUNTER Sprinklers & Rotors 5 3 2


Motors: Bareshaft
Controllers: Italtecnica switches & Controllers

3 2 1


Pentair Composite Tanks (18” -63” tanks), UF, DRO,
3 2 1
PVC Borehole pipes, Submersible cable, Sunverter, 3 2 1
PEDROLLO All Surface and Submersible Pumps, Controllers & Accessories 3 2 1
DAB PUMPS Pumps: SPP, DTRON, Esybox 3 2 1
KOHLER Engines: KD, KDI 3 2 1
DDPS,Sunflo (A, B, S, X), Sunflex Afridev, India MkII,
Moneymaker. Motors: DSD.
2 1 1
Controllers: Trevitech, SCT/M, AVS, Assembled Panels, Dayliff Pump Controller, Standard Controller, Standard Dayliff pump
controller. Valves, fountain jets
2 1 1
Varem & GWS bladder type vessels 2 1 1

Dayliff DPL/DPX Pumps, Heat Pumps, PoolChlor, Pool
equipment and accessories, Steam and Sauna, Dayliff
Pool Solar Panels, Suncommand, Dayliff & IPP lights,
Dayliff Jacuzzi Spa, and Fountain Jets and Lights

2 1 1

Certikin & Midas Pool equipment and accessories



2 1 1

Dayliff & Atlas Filtri RO & Softeners, Seko, Mixtron &
Dosatron pumps, Dayliff & Mapro blowers, Hach

2 1 1

Huawei Backup Box , Opti & Victron Inverters & Charge
Controllers, Growatt, Ultraverter, Lorentz pumps, DDPS,
DDWS, DHFS, DPSolar, Sunflo (A, B, S, X),Sunfridge,
Sunflex & Solar Controllers

2 1 1

All Pumps

2 1 1


Pumps: SP, CR, CM, AP, UP, SE1, UPS, DDE, DDC
Accessories: CUE, MP204, RSI

2 1 1

Hunter Controllers & Accessories, Dayliff Irrigation

1 1 0

Pumps & Equipment

 2 2 0

Smart Meters & Prepaid Meters

2 1 1

Power and Energy Meters, Panel Servers

1 1 0
Building Automation Servers, Sensors, and Actuators 1 1 0
IoT Remote Terminal Units (RTU), Gateways & Protocol
Converters, Wireless Transceivers
1 1 0
Industrial Drives & Soft starters 1 1 0
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Human Machine
Interfaces (HMI)
1 1 0
Industrial Actuators & Process Instruments 1 1 0

Engine Pumps: DC, DCT, DCX, DCI, Pressure Washers
Generators: DG, DG-D, DGW, Mower-P, Mower-S, Multi-4
Engines: DOB, DLA, DLV
Tools: Trimmers

1 1 0

Champion VRLA Batteries, Izzy & Vispra Inverters, Street
lights, Pathway lights

1 1 0

Sita Purifiers & Lamps, SoSafe products, SBR System,
Ecorock, Biopure, Enpure System & WWTP

1 1 0

Drytek, Express, Smart 2

1 1 0

Dayliff valves, Dayliff water meters

1 1 0

Solar Structure & SunTower

1 1 0

SQ, SQF and SP motors

 1 1 0

Chlorinators, Testers, and accessories

1 1 0

DC(Econo), DG(Econo)

 6 months  6 months  0

2.2 Specific Terms
The warranty on equipment installed by others is conditional upon the defective unit being promptly returned free to D&S workshop and collected thereafter when repaired. No element of site repair is included in the warranty and any site attendance costs will be payable in full at standard charge out rates.


If equipment failure occurs in the normal course of service having been competently installed and when operating within its specified duty limits, warranty will be provided as detailed in the table under section 2.1 above. For items falling under the section marked ‘full warranty’, D&S will repair or replace the failed equipment at no cost to the customer. Customers will however be required to make a 50% contribution for repair or replacement of all equipment failures outside this window but within the overall warranty period. Reference pricing is the prevailing Davis & Shirtliff Market price at the time of making the claim.

Exclusions and additional details:-

a) PV Modules

  • Up to Ten years - Panel will be replaced at no charge based on quality issues Including Frame, Cable, and junction box.
  • Up to Twenty - Five years - Panel will be replaced at 50% of prevailing price based on % 80% of power output of solar panel


  • Breakages of panels during transportation and Installation is not covered on warranty.
  • Damage of junction boxes due to either wrong wiring or lightning is not covered on warranty.

b) Huawei Inverters

Standard warranty on Huawei SUN2000 Series can be extended by 5, 10 or 15years at an extra cost billed to the customer.

c) Dayliff DRO Reverse Osmosis Plants

Standard warranty on Dayliff Reverse Osmosis Plants is one year from the invoice date. An operator’s log must be produced at the point of lodging the claim demonstrating regular use of Dayliff Antiscalant Chemicals as proof of proper plant operations. Davis & Shirtliff will not bear any warranty cost obligation arising from use of chemicals other than those specified during plant design or as a result of improper plant operations.

d) Engines and Generators

Standard Warranty on fixed speed Engines and Generators is two years or 1,200 running hours (whichever comes first) from the invoice date. A maintenance chart must be produced at the point of lodging the claim as a proof of proper maintenance routine. Davis and Shirtliff will not bear any cost obligation resulting from incorrect mounting or storage according to the standard Mounting, Maintenance & Operation Manual.

e) Engines and Generators

Standard warranty on fixed speed Engines and Generators is two years or 1,200 running hours (whichever comes first) from the invoice date. However, for the Outboard Engines the warranty period is 1 year or 1,000 running hours (whichever comes first) from the invoice date. A maintenance chart must be produced at the point of lodging the claim as a proof of proper maintenance routine. Davis & Shirtliff will not bear any cost obligation resulting from incorrect mounting or storage according to the Standard Mounting, Maintenance and Operation Manual.

f) Dayliff Pump Sets

Warranty will be applied on the individual components.

g) Electric Motors and Power Equipment

Standard warranty on new electric motors is as detailed by model in table 2.1 above, whether being part of a named product or not, though since motors can fail due to many factors beyond the Company’s control, any warranty is conditional upon the following:-

  • The motor is provided with an approved control panel, including an appropriate electro-magnetic starter with correctly rated overload, for all three phase installations and high current cut-out for single phase installations. In addition, for all three phase submersible borehole installations, a high and low voltage plus phase control relay must be provided.
  • For submersible motors above 7.5kW, warranty will be conditional upon the equipment being fitted with a monitoring & communication device – iDayliff, MP204 or equivalent.
  • The pump and control panel are permanently installed with fixed electrical connections. Any installations involving temporary connections will not be covered by the warranty.
  • No claim will be entertained when there is evidence that a motor has operated with electricity supply beyond the manufacturers’ specified limits and tolerances for frequency, voltage and phase symmetry, nor when there is evidence of incorrect connection to the power supply.
  • Where the named product carries a shorter warranty period than two years, the warranty on the motor will be equivalent to that of the named product.

h) Water Pumps

  • Most pumps supplied are designed specifically for applications involving clean, cold (up to 30°C) water. No warranty will be provided against wear and subsequent damage if the pumped water does not conform to this condition unless the pump has been specified by the Company or the manufacturer.
  • As all pumps are water lubricated serious damage can occur if they are run without water. For this reason, the Company specifically excludes itself from any warranty claims where there is evidence that damage to the pump has been caused by running dry or other damage resulting from installation conditions not approved by the manufacturer.

i) Digital- Engineering Solutions

Standard warranty period for software deployment including Internet of Things (IoT), Power Monitoring System, Building Management Systems (BMS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) / Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) systems is three months from date of practical completion. This does not cover changes/addition of new features not in the contract/proposal. Software upgrades, updates and reinstallations will be scoped, and costs billed to the customer.

Equipment listed in Table 2.1 as part of Digital Engineering Solutions should be operated within design conditions. Davis & Shirtliff will not bear any cost obligation resulting from incorrect installation (where undertaken by the customer) and use according to the Standard Installation, Maintenance & Operation Manual.

j) Theft of Equipment

Equipment stolen from site during or after installation will not be covered under warranty. Clients will be expected to offer security during and after installation.


Standard warranty period for all repaired equipment is three months from date of collection or installation by the Company provided the warranty claim is attributable to a defect in any spare part fitted during repair. Failures caused by defects in components not repaired are specifically excluded. Also, due to the fact that failure can be caused by many factors beyond the Company’s control, the warranty period on re-wound motors is limited to one month when equipment re-installation is carried out by the Company and no warranty will be given on re-wound motors when re-installed by others.


Standard warranty period for all new installations is six months from date of commissioning excluding the named products (if applicable) to which their standard warranty (see Clause 2) is applicable. During the warranty period defects caused by faulty design, materials or workmanship will be rectified at no charge, though if the Company is called to site to rectify a defect which on investigation is caused by faulty operation, lack of maintenance or general carelessness, all charges for labour, transport and materials used will be payable in full at the Company’s standard rates. Upon lapsing of the six month period, labour and transport charges will apply for all subsequent warranty repairs or replacement at the standard Davis & Shirtliff chargeout rates.


Proof of purchase in the form of the original invoice is required to be shown before Warranty repair or replacement is approved.

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