#ImprovingLives Partners

Aqua for All
This partnership seeks to improve the infrastructure of water projects owned by community-based organizations (CBO's) public water utilities and faith-based social enterprises. In collaboration with selected banks, we will offer flexible and subsidized loans for these organizations. This partnership seeks to bridge the financing gap in the water sector.



Action Aid
The partnership seeks to provide clean potable water for needy communities in Isiolo and West Pokot counties.



This partnership seeks to improve health standards in Machakos County by increasing access to water.



The partnership seeks to promote peace amongst communities in Nothern Kenya by increasing access to water and solar-powered lightning



Carolina For Kibera
This partnership seeks to support teenage mothers in Kibera. It has given D&S staffers a platform to mentor mothers who are still in high school, talking through various topics ranging from careers, University courses and life issues in general.



The FORD Foundation
This partnership seeks to increase access to water for a certain Maasai community in the Amboseli.



Well Aware
This partnership seeks to support water programs that are targeting needy communities and public schools.



Life From Water Foundation
This is an NGO that operates in rural communities offering clean water and agricultural solutions. This partnership is increasing access to water for communities in Kilifi County, Kenya.



FHI 360
This partnership has rehabilitated springs and hand pump-fitted wells, and upgraded them with solar pumping kits.



Rotary International
This partnership is a collaboration between D&S and the Rotary with a goal to increase access to water in under served communities.



Child Fund Kenya
This partnership supports water programs that are targeting needy children.



The Standard
This partnership seeks to increase access to water in the densely populated communities of Nairobi. The10  locations identified will benefit from the installed water points which will provide a clean and convenient source of water.



With My Own Two Hands
This partnership has succeded in reaching communities where there is no existing source of water. D&S and the partner complement each other, where WMO2H drills boreholes while Davis & Shirtliff equips them with solar pumping systems.



Nairobi Bottlers Limited
This partnership seeks to offer support in the fight against covid by distributing handwashing stations around Nairobi's public markets.



Practical Action
This partnership has succeeded in distributing several handwashing stations to schools and communities across the country.



Drilling for Life
This partnership has supported a special school in Muranga. Drilling for life drilled a borehole at the school and constructed a water tower as well as providing the tank, D&S equipped the borehole with a solar pump.



Through this partnership, D&S and Grundfos Kenya have rehabilitated a borehole for a maasai community in Namanga. seeks to support a Maasai community in Namanga.



Through this partnership, D&S and Centum Foundation, have supported a primary school in the informal settlements of Mathare with an average population of 100 pupils per class. The two firms have solarized the school's pumping system, which allows the school to run its borehole at no cost.



This partnership seeks to support the afforestation of the Mumandu forest.



Through this partnership D&S and SOS Children's Village have increased access to water for communities in Kisumu and Eldoret.