D&S Solar Pumping Solutions

Solar Pumping Solutions

With the continued reduction in PV module prices and also advances in solar pumping technology, solar pumping has become the default solution for water supply in rural areas and D&S is the industry leader offering a comprehensive range of products for all solar pumping applications.

Options include a number of DC powered pumps for smaller duties including the Dayliff Sunflo, various Dayliff DSolar A, B and X models in centrifugal and helical rotor configurations, Grundfos SQ Flex and Lorentz PS models.

For higher output requirements AC powered Dayliff, Grundfos, and Pedrollo pumps can be used together with the Dayliff Sunverter, Grundfos RSI or Lorentz PSK inverter controllers, many with integrated remote monitoring and control capabilities. A complete range of accessories including PV modules and support structures are also available which together with the enormous pump range provide solutions to every solar pumping requirement imaginable.