Water Proofing Products

Agent Application Description

Brush Bond TGP
Packaging 20kg

Crystaline Waterproofing Cementitious crystalline chemical which is easy to prepare on site by just adding clean potable water, stirring to form a slurry coat and then applying with soft brush, broom or plaster spray. It penetrates concrete and seals capillary tracts and hairline cracks providing a waterproofed barrier. It is suitable for repairing water damaged structures or in water-proofing precast concrete, swimming pools, water tanks, dam-proofing and other concrete water retaining structures.

Nitocote CM -210
Packaging 23kg

Protective Coating Two-component polymer modified cementitious coating for masonry structures. It is designed to be easily mixed on site and then applied to the substrate using brush, trowel or spray which then cures to form an elastomeric impermeable membrane. It is suitable for use in water-proofing masonry walls such as swimming pools, water tanks, dam-proofing and other masonry water retaining structures.

Conplast WP 90
Packaging 1kg

Water Proofing Admixtures (powder) A powder waterproofing admixture used in concrete or mortar mixes to fill natural pores within the mix to reduce porosity and improving water tightness. Its application is in swimming pools, screeds and other water retaining structures to reduce permeability of concrete and sand/cement mortar.

Conplast WP 200
Packaging 10litres

Water Proofing Admixtures (liquid) Liquid based permeability reducing admixture, commonly mixed during casting to fill natural pores within the concrete. It can also be added to the cement sand mortar during plastering to reduce permeability of the mortar to make it watertight. It is suitable for use in batching plants or mass concrete works for large projects.

Renderoc Plug
Packaging 10kg

Instant Leak Repair Mortar A rapid setting cement-based, water-stopping mortar for temporary patching and plugging on concrete segments and free flowing water. It is ideal to use to quickly stop gushing water with low hydrostatic pressure. To use simply take a handful of water stop cement, press hard on the point where water is coming from for a few seconds until the flowing stops.

150mmx20m 200mmx15m

PVC Water Bar Flexible Plastic strip which provides a physical barrier to water at concrete joints, mostly in basements, water retaining structures like water tanks, swimming pools, structural foundations and other below ground level constructions. Fosroc Waterfoil is extruded from a  high grade PVC compound which has been formulated to give excellent flexibility and longevity characteristics.

Nitobond SBR
Packaging 5 litres

Concrete Bonding Agent Water resistant polymer additive to provide good adhesion to concrete. Used  for improving and bonding concrete repair mortars, cementation of floor toppings and screeds with PVC fittings.

Nitotile Adhesive
Packaging 25kg

Adhesive Agent (Powder) A high quality adhesive for permanent fixing of tiles in damp and totally submerged conditions. Its applicable in swimming pools, fountains, bathroom floors and splash zones. It can be applied directly on concrete, cement screeds and cement or lime mortar by easily adding 6-7lts of water to the pail.
Nitotile Grout
Packaging 12kg
Grout filer (Powder) Three-component solvent free epoxy resin-based grout for filling quarries and ceramic tile joints. It consists of a white base, a black hardener and specially selected fine fillers. They are applicable where chemical and abrasion resistance properties are required e.g. Swimming pools, hospitals, food processing plants, kitchen etc. It is mixed with water to form grout and is easily applied using a rubber trowel or hand operated gun.