Pool Lighting

A swimming pool is not only a place to swim but also an object of beauty and night time illumination is a most effective way to enhance the beauty of a pool. The DAYLIFF range of underwater lighting equipment has been specially selected for its performance and quality and a wide range of options are available including tungsten sealed beam niche lights, halogen flat lights and low energy LED lights. Also available are related accessories including deck boxes and transformers.

Sealed beam niche lights are specially designed for installation into concrete and masonry walls and feature a separate niche into which the sealed lamp unit is fixed. This arrangement provides for simple bulb replacement without lowering the pool water level. The two light types are available from Certikin and are fitted with 300W wide flood sealed beam 12V bulbs. Incandescent white plastic and stainless steel finish rims are available.

Alternative PAR56 LED bulbs in White, Blue and Multi-Color are available ranging from 12-18W to convert incandescent sealed beam lights to LED.

LED lights are the latest technology in pool lighting offering low energy with high performance and giving low operating costs and greatly extended bulb life. Various 12V models are available including 6W and 12W white and Blue diffused light and 18W seven colour changing light with option of a separate remote control and radio wave enabled receiver for the Poolmaid model.

The LED Lights are available in niche and flat type for easy installation and maintenance and are provided with 2m cable.

Flat wall LED lights are suitable for both existing pools and new installations as an alternative to the niche type. Lamps are provided with a mounting bracket which is screwed to the pool wall and can be easily detached for bulb replacement.

Available in either White, Blue or Colour configuration in both Poolmaid and Dayliff models.

Small diameter lights have diameters up to 100mm and are mostly suited for spa or pool steps. They are available for both concrete or thin walled spas or pools. They feature 50W, 12V dichroic lamps with 38° angled halo.

Also available are 3W LED lights in White, Blue and Multi-Color. The lights have a 120° beam angle and are IP68 rated.

These are special lights for water features. The LED uplighter fountain light is supplied complete with a 50mm provision for installing a fountain jet while the floor mounted fountain jet has a swivel stand with screws for mounting. They are available in 18W RGB LED lights and have brightness of about 520Lumens which is equivalent to 90W halogen light. The lights have a 60 beam angle and are IP68 rated.

Aquascape traditional Fountain lights are made from cast bronze or Plastic and suitable for Submersed or partial immersed installations. The light fixture is designed for more illumination in water fountain. The lights are fitted with high temperature silicon rubber O-ring around the neck of the lamp. They are supplied with 1m cable.

Accessories available include 50W, 125W and 300W step-down transformers specified accordign to the lamp rating, a deck level box for cable termination and waterproof enclosure fitted with MCB circuit breakers for light and pump control.