Dayliff Heat Pumps

A cold swimming pool is an unused swimming pool and in many upcountry areas swimming pools are too cold to use throughout the year and heating is required. There are a number of options available, but a particularly effective solution is the Dayliff Heat Pump. Heat Pumps utilise energy from two sources, heat from the ambient air and electrical power to run a compressor in a reverse refrigeration cycle, the compression process extracting heat from the ambient air for transfer to the pool water. The heaters are highly efficient operating at a Coefficient of Performance (COP), which is the ratio of energy output to direct energy input, of up to 6 times depending upon the environmental conditions. They are therefore very economical to run compared with fossil fuel alternatives though a pool cover must be used to ensure maximum heat retention. Heat Pumps are simply installed in-line on the filter return to pool pipe and include an integral controller and a durable plastic housing suitable for outdoor installation. Particular features include:-

  • Low energy consumption for low running cost and low emissions for heating and cooling applications.
  • SPS-190 fitted with a plastic casing, larger sizes with a powder coated galvanised steel casing for long life
  • High efficiency compressor that uses environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant.
  • Advanced dual coil titanium heat exchanger for long corrosion free life
  • Built-in protection for the compressor, low water flow, high/low pressure and electrical overload
  • Fully automatic and simple to install with minimal plumbing and electric connections.
  • Remote controller to set temperature up to 40°C with digital system setting and fault indicators.

Dayliff Heat Pumps are robust and efficient units that are the ideal solution for cost effective pool heating in a variety of conditions.


Model Power Input (kW) Current (A) Power Output (kW) Flow m³/hr Dimensions (mm) DIN(") Weight (kg)
SPS-180 3.1 24 19 8 1083 448 704 1.5 85
SPS-250 4.2 12 25 10 765 691 1055 120
SPS-500 8.4 24 50 12 1416 752 2 250