Hunter Sprays & Nozzles

Hunter's range of spray bodies also known as pop-ups, mist heads or sprinklers are high specification nozzles suited for residential and commercial irrigation. MP Rotators are best suited in landscape irrigation where low precipitation are demanded to prevent erosion. PS Ultra are suitable for residential application while PRO spray is designed for both pressure regulated and non pressure regulated demand in residential and commercial application. Available with either factory or user installed check valves, drain valves, flushing systems and flow guard mechanisms, systems can be customised to the irrigation requirement. Features include: 

  • Heavy duty construction to withstand harsh environmental conditions.
  • Innovative seal design that reduces flow-by and operates at low pressure to prevent debris from entering the seal.
  • Heavy duty springs for positive retraction.
  • Pressure regulated up to 2.8bar.
  • Flowguard technology that reduces flow in the event of a missing nozzle thereby preventing wastage.

For enhanced performance, sprays may be fitted with spray nozzles to ensure accurate, even delivery of water in the pattern demanded. These feature crisp, well defined edges and easy grip top for simple adjustment for large water droplets for wind conditions. Engineered to emit larger than average water droplets, these nozzles are reliable, accurate, and fully adjustable to any angle from 0° to 360° and radius of 1.2 to 5.2m. They are also colour coded for easy field identification.

Spray Model PRO Spray PS Ultra MP Rotator
PSU 8A PSU 10A PSU 12A PSU 15A PSU 17A MP 1000 MP 2000 MP 3000
Inlet Size ½"
Minimum Spray Radius, m 1.2 2 2.6 3.2 4 4.6 2.5 4 6.7
Maximum Spray Radius, m 1.8 2.9 3.5 4.1 5.2 5.8 4.5 6.4 9.1
Maximum Flow, l/min 3.6 8.1 9.5 13.4 18 22 3.8 6.6 16.2
Recommended Pressure Range 1 to 3
Operating Pressure, bar 2.1 2.8
Arch adjustment 0-360° 90-360°
Pop Height, cm 10 5 to 15