Hunter Controllers

Hunter's range of Controllers are high quality proven and tested designs that offer simple to advanced automatic watering with an abundance of user-friendly features. They are designed to efficiently manage and monitor irrigation by minimising wastage and adjusting operation with weather changes to ensure optimum use and conservation of water. Hydrawise intelligence is built into selected controllers to provide remote management of the irrigation system via a smart device or web browser. Features of Hydrawise include predictive watering adjusting schedules based on forecast temperature, rainfall probability, wind and humidity to provide maximum water savings while keeping landscapes healthy and beautiful. Optional flow meters may be installed to provide automatic notifications in case of leaking pipes or sprinklers. 

The X-CORE residential is an easy to install and operate controller capable of controlling upto 8 stations including the master valve for pump control. It consists of 3 independent programs with 4 start times per programme and a maximum of 4 hours run time. Salient features include inbuilt Solar Sync functionality that converts the controller into a smart controller regulating irrigation based on local weather conditions; non-volatile memory which ensures infinite backup of all schedules; automatic short circuit protection, programmable delay to allow lag as the controller moves from one station to the next and sensor programmability to match sensor alarms to specific programs. The controller is available in either indoor or outdoor configurations for greater flexibility. 

Controller Stations: 8
Transformer input/output: 230VAC, 24VAC, 1A
Station Output: 24VAC, 0.56A
Operating temperature: -18°C to 60°C 

HC and PRO HC are higher specification wifi enabled controllers suitable for fixed or expandable installations for between 6 and 36 stations. They feature full colour touch screens, fully programmable at the controllers, built in electrical monitoring alerts and have advanced sensor inputs. HC compatible flow meters may be incorporated for flow monitoring and alerts. 

The PRO-HC controller is fitted with extra features which include WIFI and GPRS facilities for remote monitoring and control. Controllers are fitted with plastic enclosures with HC being available for indoor installation while PRO-HC has both indoor and outdoor enclosure options.

Controller Specifications
Controller Stations: 6 and 36 stations
Transformer input/output: 230VAC, 24VAC, 1A
Station Output: 24VAC, 0.56A
Operating temperature: -18°C to 60°C
Sensor inputs: 2

The Pro-C is a reliable and robust controller designed for high end residential irrigation control. It is of modular design providing either fixed or expandable configuration as required from 4 to 16 stations and can be controlled with 3 independent irrigation and lighting programs. The unit is compatible with PCM expansion modules for increased station count. The Pro-C is compatible with Hunter’s Solar Sync without additional wiring enabling it to calculate the evapotranspiration rate and adjust accordingly based on local weather conditions. Salient features include;

  • Easy-retrieve memory that stores complete controller scheduling and setup information in back-up memory.
  • Seasonal adjustment that allows for quick adjustments to irrigation run times through a percentage scale.
  • Delay between stations allows a lag to be set as the controller advances from one station to the next.

Controller Specifications
Controller Stations: 4 to12 stations
Transformer input/output: 230VAC, 24VAC, 1A
Station Output: 24VAC, 0.56A
Operating temperature: -18°C to 60°C
Sensor inputs: 1

Hunter Soil Clik

Hunter Soil Clik is a moisture sensor that shuts down irrigation when desired moisture level is attained. The probe is installed approximately 15cm below ground in the root zone. It comes with a low voltage outdoor enclosure powered by host controller with probe installed up to 300m away. It works with all Hunter controllers.

Maximum distance, controller to control module: 2m
Maximum distance, control module to sensor probe: 300m
Input power:24VAC, 100mA max.

Hunter Flow Clik

Hunter Flow Clik is a leak detection device that shuts down systems if an overflow condition occurs. It comes with a control module and works with most Hunter and non-Hunter controllers.

Flow-Clik interface panel: 90cm leads provided for easy wiring to controller
Current draw:24 VAC, 0.025A
Maximum distance between interface panel and sensor: 300m
Programmable start up delay:0 to 300 seconds.
Programmable interrupt period:0 to 60 minutes.

Pipe Diameter, mm 25 40 50 90 110
Operating Range, m³/hr 0.5-4 1.8 2.12 6.27 8.45