Hunter Rotors & Valves

Hunter is famous for its extensive range of rotors and irrigation nozzles that provide pop-up convenience and are adjustable on a 360° radius. They feature Hunter's reliable gear drive technology and provide accurate and consistent sprays in light to heavy irrigation applications in gardens, parks, sports arenas and commercial environments. Features include:-

  • Pop-up operation when water pressure is applied.
  • Provided with a wide selection of nozzle diameters so spray volume and radius can be adjusted to suit the application requirements.
  • Adjustable spray arc settings from 40° to 360°.
  • Water lubricated gear drive rotation for accuracy and reliability.

All models are available with swing joint connectors for simple connections and precise location. Hunter rotors are installed in grids that are designed to provide 100% precipitation over the irrigated area. They are reliable, accurate and economical and provide the ideal solution for all open cultivated area type irrigation requirements.


Model PGJ PGP I-25 I-80
Inlet Size ½" ¾" 1" 1½"
Minimum Spray Radius, m 4.3 6.4 12 20
Maximum Spray Radius, m 11.6 15.8 17 29
Maximu Flow, m³/hr 1.2 3.2 3.4 19
Recommended Pressure, Bar 1.7-3.8 1.7-4.5 2.5-7 3.4-6.9
Nozzle Trajectory, ° 15° 25° 25° 22.5/15°
Nozzle Options 8 27 12 7
Overal Height, mm 180 190 200 250
Pop-up Height, mm 100 100 100 95

Hunter diaphragm solenoid valves are robust and dependable products specifically designed for the control of irrigation systems. Construction is of durable high grade engineering plastics fitted with an encapsulated 24VAC solenoid with capture plunger for easy cleaning. Other features include;

  • PGV models fitted with jar type top cover for easy maintenance
  • ICV models are secured with capture bolts and include manual flow control
  • Manual bleeds for quick and easy activation
  • Operating pressure range 1.4 to 10Bar


  PGV100JT ICV151G ICV201G ICV301
Connection  1” M BSP 1½” F BSP 2” F BSP 3” F BSP
Flow Range,
0.3-9 4.5-34 9-46 34-68

Pressure Loss,Bar

0.08-1.5   0.1-1.2 0.2-0.6
Dimensions, LxWxH, cm 14X11X8 18X17X14  27X22X19