The Grundfos AP submersible waste water pump range are purpose designed for the transfer and drainage of heavily polluted liquids. Typical applications include sump or septic tank drainage, groundwater removal, site de-watering and industrial effluent transfer and all pumps are suitable for both permanent and portable installations.

Three pump models are offered, each of similar capacity though with different free passage capability, pump choice being determined by the quality of the pumped water. Special features include high quality stainless steel construction throughout, vortex hydraulics for the AP35 & 50 models and careful design to minimise clogging problems. The pumps are lightweight with many innovative design features to provide reliability and powerful pumping performance.

All models are provided with level switches to automatically control pump operation and are supplied with 10m of neoprene cable as standard. 

Pumps are provided with an integral asynchronous motor of the canned rotor type with liquid filled rotor chamber. All motors areprovided with a thermal cutout to protect against overload and can be connected directly to the mains supply through a 10 Ampfuse and the use of an earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) with a nominal trip current of >30mA is recommended.

Enclosure Class: IP68
Insulation Class: F
Voltage: 1x240V
Speed: 2800rpm

Pumped liquid: Chemically non-aggressive liquids with a pH range 4-10 containing impurities up to the pump's designed free passage size.
Fluid Temperature Range: 0°C to +55°C
Max. Installation Depth: 10m below water surface.
Max. Liquid Density: 1100kg/m³


Model Motor Input Power (kW) Operating Current (A) Dimensions (mm) Weight (Kg)
S A B Free passage Size
AP12 0.9 4.4 1½” 321 216 12 12.5
AP35 1.2 5.5 1½” 410 216 35 13.5
AP50 1.3 5.9 2” 436 241 50 15.1


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