The GRUNDFOS Sololift2 is a unique product designed for the collection and discharge of waste from a WC, washbasin, shower and bidet where site conditions prevent direct connection to gravity sewage system. This can arise due to the installation being below the sewer level or remoteness making direct drainage impractical. The unit consists of a collector tank directly connected to the WC outlet which contains a highly effective steel grinder pump that macerates toilet waste so it can easily pass through small bore water pipes. Particular features include:

  • Self cleaning design with sloping bottom keeps grinder and tank free from sedimentation.
  • Built in charcoal filter eliminates odours.
  • Lift out motor and pump for quick and clean repairs and service.
  • High torque pump motor with special winding and shaft technology for improved maceration efficiency.

The unit is supplied with all necessary installation fittings and is provided with three inlets so is suitable for connection to all bathroom facilities as well as a 'P-trap' type toilet making installing discreet and simple.

The integral cutter pump is controlled automatically by means of a pneumatically operated level switch. It is provided with in-built thermal protection and can be connected directly to the main power supply though a 10amps MCB or fuse.

Power Consumption: 620W
Voltage: 1 x 240V, 50Hz
Operating Current: 3A
Insulation: F
Enclosure Class: IP24

Pumped Liquid: Sewage water containing toilet paper and faeces, though not sanitary articles or wastewater containing fat.
Max. Fluid Temperature Range: +50°C
Max. Fluid Volume: 9Litres
pH Range: 4-10