The Grundfos SL1 pump range are high specification products for heavy duty pumping applications where reliability and ease of servicing are essential requirements. Particular uses are for pumping sewage and heavily polluted water in municipal, utility and industrial applications.

Featuring advanced technology design, the pumps utilise high efficiency long vane single channel impellers with excellent non-clogging performance and solid passing capability. Other notable features include a hermetically sealed cable entry to eliminate liquid penetration, cartridge type double mechanical seal for durability and ease of maintenance and a simple clamp coupling arrangement of the motor and pump units for easy disassembly.

The SL1 range is of unique modular design and the hydraulic end is configured for submersible auto coupling. Three basic models are stocked, though the range is extensive and different models are available to special order for specific requirements.

The pump end including impeller and pump housing are manufactured from cast iron, the stator housing from cast iron and the motor jacket from stainless steel. 10m of Neoprene rubber drop cable which incorporates wires for thermal sensors in the motor windings is supplied as standard.

Pumps are fitted with integral squirrel cage induction motors that must be fully submerged during operation. Remote motor starting is required using a starter type as indicated below.

Insulation Class: F
Enclosure Class: IP68
Voltage: 3x415V
Max Starts/Hr: 20

Pumped Liquid: Heavily polluted liquids containing suspended particles up to the through let diameter of the impeller.
Max Liquid Temp: 40°C
Max Immersion Depth: 20m
pH Range: 4 to10


Model Power (kW) Speed (rpm) Max. Current  (A) Start Current (A) Starter Type Impeller Throughlet (mm) Dimensions (mm)  Weight (kg)
 SL1 80.80.22 2.2 1460 5 38 DOL 80 790  788 108 432 595 100
 SL1 50.80.40 4 2930 9 93 SD 50 808 760 132 387 567 123
 SL1 80.80.75 7.5 1460 15 109 SD 80 900 883 82 489 690 205


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