Water Treatment

Davis & Shirtliff supplied and installed a huge water treatment plant a Reverse Osmosis in Tanzania

Water Aid, a nongovernmental organization in Tanzania, approached D&S Arusha in search of a water treatment solution for two boreholes sunk to provide water for community purposes.

Upon conducting a water quality analysis, the borehole water tested high for Iron, turbidity and dissolved substances rendering it unfit for human consumption. D&S embarked in the design of a reverse osmosis system of capacity 60m3/hr with the appropriate pre-treatment system to provide that the water upon treatment would meet WHO drinking standards and ensure optimization of the system to minimize losses 


The pre-treatment system entailed chemical oxidation of Iron followed by glass filtration, for the removal of suspended particles and oxidized Iron, and activated carbon filtration for the removal of organics and chlorine in the feed water to the RO plant. The RO plant itself, providing for secondary treatment and removal of dissolved minerals, entailed a Dayliff feed pump, High pressure pump, and specialized Economy membranes which enable the plant to operate at the same capacity but utilizing less electricity. The plant was integrated with a solar grid – tie system to further reduce the operational costs by utilizing solar energy in its availability. 


The project was successfully implemented, tested and commissioned and the community served now benefits from having readily available drinking water that meets WHO standards for drinking water