Water Treatment

D&S recently designed and supplied a containerized (20ft) water treatment plant for use by the Somali Development Fund facility in Somalia for their potable water requirements. 

The plant included a 2m3/hr Dayliff Ultrafiltration Plant upstream of the 1m3/hr Dayliff Reverse Osmosis plant. The Dayliff Ultrafiltration acted as a pretreament  to the Dayliff Reverse Osmosis plant and included smart PLC based Control Panel that controlled the operation of the electric actuated ball valves and pressure transducers that controlled the different Ultrafiltration plant processes for the smooth operation of the plant.  

Pre-treated water from the Ultrafiltration plant was then transferred to the 400L break tank (T400) where the Dayliff Reverse Osmosis Plant low pressure pump would draw the water and transfer the water to the High Pressure pump of the Dayliff Reverse Osmosis plant for  treatment before finally being transferred to the clean water storage tank. The break tank included several float switches controlled from both the Ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis control panels to ensure smooth operation of  two plants within the container. 


Key Dayliff Ultrafiltration Design features 

  1. Feed flow max 2.8m3/hr @<3.5bar -DDS750 
  2. CIP flow 1.5m3/hr @0.5bar -DDS750 
  3. Air blower 12Nm3/hr @0.75bar -CL420HS 
  4. Backwash flow 5.1m3/hr @2.5bar -DDS750 
  5. Filtrate flow 1.6m3/hr 


Key Dayliff Reverse Osmosis Design features 

  1. Feed flow max 1.6m3/hr @>2bar –DDS750 
  2. High Pressure pump flow 2m3/hr @9.54 -Grundfos CRN3-19 
  3. CIP flow 3m3/hr @0.5bar -DDS750 
  4. Permeate flow 1m3/hr @6.12pH 
  5. RO recovery 62.50% 
  6. Membrane type BW30-4040 (5no.) 


Other features 

  1. Recycle flow 0.4m3/hr @7.90bar 
  2. Concentrate flow 0.6m3/hr @7.90bar 
  3. Feed TDS 4756ppm 
  4. Permeate TDS 66.22ppm 
  5. Pass average flux 27.6LMH 
  6. Feed Cl- 450ppm 
  7. Feed after recycle Cl- 595ppm 
  8. Concentrate Cl- 1178ppm 
  9. Permeate Cl- 12.60ppm