Water Treatment

D&S recently undertook a project to supply a 7m3/hr Dayliff Reverse Osmosis (DRO) plant to the Unilever Factory in Nairobi. The client required us to design a solution to treat their municipal source of water to target reduced TDS levels and adjust the PH to the required levels for their processing plants at a rate of 7m3/HR.  The RO plant was designed at 72.50% recovery and used DOW filmtec BW30-400 membranes to produce a permeate TDS of 0.83ppm from raw water TDS of 102ppm. 


The system incorporated pre-treatment using glass media and activated carbon respectively for reduction of turbidity and removal of chlorine.   


The controls are achieved from a single control panel that automatically controlled the operation of the plant, facilitating the filtration cycle that produced potable water and the feed flushing cycle which help clean the membranes. The system also provided for a Cleaning in Place (CIP) system fully integrated on skid for the RO CIP requirements.