Water Treatment

Davis & Shirtliff was engaged by Wrigleys Co. to design, assembly and install a Filtration, Ultra Violet Disinfection and Distribution Skid for the factory cold water supply. Based on the actual demand of treated water, we supplied and installed a plant of capacity 20m³/h but with a provision for expansion to 45m³/h to cater for the factory's future expansion  

 Some of the key project deliverables were: 

  1. Control system for the package that included pumps, UV system and instruments. 
  2. Interfaces for connection of Skid to BMS system for remote monitoring and control. 
  3. Clean and quality design to meet Wrigley Electrical Power Distribution Design Standard, and Control Hardware Standard for Wrigley Equipment and Systems. 
  4. Approval of designs, Factory Acceptance Testing and Site Acceptance by Wrigley Global Engineering.