Water Treatment

Davis & Shirtliff  was approached by St. Francis Community Hospital, located in Kasarani Nairobi, to design and install a water treatment plant to treat their borehole water for potable use within their community.

D&S therefore, based on the water quality and in collaboration with our membranes  suppliers DOW, embarked in the assembly of a 15m3/hr Dayliff Ultrafiltration (UF) plant which was used as a pretreatment for our first to install 12m3/hr Dayliff Nanofiltration (NF)  Plant. The Dayliff Nanofiltration plant uses custom Nano-filtration membranes which rejects particles in the approximate sizes of 1 nanometer or 200 amu. Salts with monovalent ions are less rejected compared to those with polyvalent ions which allows this technology  to typically operate at a lower feed pressure compared to Reverse Osmosis Plant translating to significantly lower operational costs.

The Hospital now uses the Dayliff UF - NF plant for removal of color, organic molecules, hardness and heavy metals in the borehole water at the site, providing clean potable water for use to the hospital and community