DC Engine Pump

The Dayliff DC range of self priming engines pumps are of fully portable design suitable for irrigation, dewatering and general pumping duties. All models feature open impellers suitable for pumping lightly silted water and a sturdy carrying and protection frame. Also included are quick couple hose connectors and suction strainers. Maximum suction is 8m at sea level, though this will be reduced at altitudes.

Pump body and impellers are manufactured from high grade cast aluminium.

ECONO models use different specification components and are recommended for light duties and shorter operating periods.


Proprietary air cooled, 4-stroke OHV single cylinder with transistorised ignition and oil alert.

Note that performance curves for all engines relate to the engine governor set at maximum speedof 3600rpm to achieve maximum rated power output. To prolong engine life pumps should only be run under maximum power conditions for short periods and for extended duty the throttle setting should be reduced to approximately three-quarters power. Pump performance will then be reduced accordingly.


Model Fuel Engine Fuel Inlet & Outlet (") Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
Type Capacity (cc) Max Power (HP) Tank (Ltr) Consumption(L/Hr) L W H
DC 50E Petrol SW170FB 212 7 3.6 1.7 2 460 365 355 19
DC 50P Petrol GK210 210 450 375 375 24
DC 80E Petrol SW170FB 212 3 485 365 405 21
DC 80P Petrol GK210 510 375 435 25
DC 80D Diesel LA 178F 296 6 3.5 1.5 540 440 510 43
DC 100D Diesel LA 186F 406 10 5.5 2.5 4 590 450 530 64

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