Solar Solutions

Capacity of solution, no of people served, problem faced by customer, benefits of solution to customer. This is a summary report of solar power system installation in Yambio Civic Education Centre (YCEC), State – South Sudan. It gives details of the equipment installed and highlights on the various installation activities carried out.

This part details on the various equipment installed; solar panels, Inverters, solar batteries, lightening protection and earthing systems

Solar array: 100No. 300W Dayliff Solar Modules strings of 20 panels each Total of 30,000Watts
Inverters: 2No. 15KW SMA Sunny Tripower, 3ph Inverters 3No. 6KW SMA Sunny Island 1PH Inverters Wall mounted Inverter rack
Battery bank: 48No. 2V 3000AH Dayliff solar sealed batteries 2No. Battery racks each holding 24No. Batteries
Solar support structure : Roof mount steel support structures
Other accessories: Lightening protection system Copper Earthing system 160A 3PH Distribution Board 100A 1PH Power Consumer Unit AC & DC cabling as per the drawings DC Isolation switches