SMART 2 Evo Control Panels

The DAYLIFF Smart 2 Evo is a high specification integrated electronic controller available in single and three phase for the automatic operation of two pump systems. It includes an electronic circuit board that provides the control functionality as well as terminals for incoming power and pump operating auxiliaries all mounted in an ABS enclosure to give a complete control solution. Features include:-

  • Incoming mains isolator and door interlock.
  • Incoming mains current overload protection and individual contactors for each pump (three phase only)
  • Adjustable motor overload protection for each pump as well as phase loss and sequence sensing (3phase only).
  • Selectable filling and emptying configuration with three external control floats and separate alarm connection.
  • Normally open contacts for the connection of low and high level pressure switch control input for each pump and alarm.
  • Selectable parallel or duty/standby pump operation with auto cycle changeover and delay relay.
  • Multiple system configuration options through dip switch selection
  • Selectable auto/manual operation with Run and Auto operation indicator lights.
  • Fault indicators for low level and motor overload conditions.
  • Dry running protection and automatic reset.

Smart Evo 2 is a highly effective fully integrated controller that includes all the functionality for pump control and operation in one compact unit. It is simple, effective and reliable with the added benefit of lower cost than conventional alternatives and is the most complete control system for sewage and water boosting systems available.


Controller Model Motor Size Current Range Dimension(mm) Weight(kg)
Min Max Height Width Depth
SMART 2 - 1Ph/2.2kW 0.37kW 2.2kW 2-18A 310 240 185 1.5
SMART 2 - 3Ph/7.5kW 0.55kW 7.5kW 2.5

Enclosure Class: IP55
Relative humidity: 50% @40°C (condensate free)
Temperature Range: -5 - +40°C
Power Supply: 1x240V+10%, 3x415V+10%