Power Back-Up Systems

Dayliff Power Backup Systems are specifically designed for small domestic and commercial applications and provide standby power in the event of mains power supply failure. They can be used as an alternative to a generator and have many advantages including:-

  • Instantaneous and automatic changeover when the mains power fails which is especially beneficial when used with electronic equipment such as computers and TV's.
  • Totally silent and non polluting operation which particularly suits enclosed space applications.
  • Very low running costs - just the power to charge a battery.

During normal power conditions the inverter maintains the batteries at full charge while during a power failure the DC battery energy is seamlessly converted to AC power and fed to the supply circuits. Systems include two principal components, a DC/AC power inverter with built in battery charger and a battery bank.

Inverters are sourced from OPTI, a world leading manufacturer of inverter systems and feature large reliable transformers with precision Pure Sine Wave output and full function LCD status displays monitoring various operating parameters. Sizes are available from 800W to 11,000W output.

The endurance of a power backup system is determined by battery capacity, Dayliff systems being offered with a selection of capacities depending upon backup time required. Batteries supplied are of the deep-cycle long life type and the inverters provide automatic regulation to prevent over-charge and over-discharge. Systems are also provided complete with connecting cabling between the inverter and battery pack and expert selection advice is available to assist with sizing and installation.

The components of all Dayliff Backup Systems are carefully matched in terms of quality and performance and they provide a reliable, effective and economic solution to all small scale mains standby power requirements.

Dayliff Power Backup systems should be installed between the main electricty meter and the distribution board as indicated in the wiring diagram. It is important to separate the installed loads so the backup systems is not connected to high consumption appliances like cookers, water heaters, washing machines, pumps etc. This may require some re-wiring of the distribution board and it is recommended that a qualification electrician is consulted.

Note that the indicated backup times are approximate and based upon loads inidicated. They are entirely dependant upon the loads applied and will vary accordingly.


Opti Inverter / Charger Battery Bank Back-Up Time(hrs) Typical Application
Model Output Max AC Amps DC Voltage Capacity (AH) Configuration Home Office
Efecto SP 1000 800W 3A 12V 200 1X200AH 4 TV, 8 lights (Energy Saving) 2PCs, 6 lights(Energy Saving)
300 2X150AH 6






200 2X100AH 2 TV, Small Fridge, 8 lights 3PCs, 6 lights
Efecto SP 2000 1600W  7A 400 2X200AH 4
600 4X150AH 6
300 2X150AH 2 TV, Fridge, 20 lights 5PCs, 6 lights
Efecto SP 3000 2400W


600 4X150AH 4
Efecto SP 4000 3200W 13A 900 6X150AH 6
48V 400 4X100AH 2 TV, Fridge, Microwave, 20 lights 5PCs, Printers, Copier, Lights
800 4X200AH 4
Efecto SP 5000 4000W 17A 1200 8X150AH 6
600 4x150AH 2 TV, Fridge Microwave, PC, 30 Lights 8PCs, 2 Printers, Copier, Lights
1200 6X200AH 4
OPTI SP 6000 6000W 25A 800 4X200AH 2   12PCs, 2 Printers, Copier, lights
1600 8X200AH 4