On-Grid PV Generator

With the large reduction in the costs of PV modules and improved inverter technology PV power generation in on-grid installations for domestic and commercial applications is now a practical and economical proposition. The key is effective system controllers and by using the latest technology inverters from SMA Dayliff offers unbeatable systems, the PV power output being synchronised with the mains grid power supply to provide an efficient hybrid system that directly utilises all the PV power being generated with the balance of the network requirement being provided from the grid. Capacity is determined by the output of the solar array and by the specification of the inverter, systems up to 100kW being available. Basic systems provide no battery back-up and are dependent upon mains supply availability, though back-up batteries and a separate control inverter can also be specified that will provide power in all conditions. System components include:-

  • A PV module array can be mounted on a roof or at ground level depending on space availability. The manufacturer and individual module size is specified according to customer preference and system size.
  • An SMA inverter/controller that inverts and synchronises the DC PV output into the local power network. All SMA inverters use state-of-the-art intelligent technology and can also be used to control hybrid systems incorporating battery back-up and generators. A range of SMA accessories are also available to tailor systems to individual customer requirements.

PV Power Generation is now becoming increasingly popular due to its efficiency, the cost savings available and its ecofriendliness and investment cost is now very competitive. This combined with the reliability and advanced technology of SMA controllers make PV power generation a most practical solution to supplement power in all on-grid power networks.

Systems are individually specified according to site conditions, size and installation requirements. Packages suitable for home or small commercial sites have been specified in the table below though larger systems can be designed on request.


Model Name Array Size(STC)  Average Daily Output  Panels  Panel Area Grid Tie Inverter Rated Power Frequency / Rated Grid Voltage
Dayliff 3kW Grid Connect 3kWp  15kWh  12No, 250W  20m2 SB3000TL 50Hz/230V
Dayliff 5kW Grid Connect 5kWp  25kWh  20No, 250W  34m2 SB5000TL 50Hz/230V
Dayliff 10kW Grid Connect 10kWp  50kWh  40No, 250W  67m2 2xSB5000TL/1xSTP10000TL 50Hz/230V/50Hz/415V
Dayliff 15kW Grid Connect 15kWp  75kWh  60No, 250W  100m2 STP15000TL 50Hz/415V
Dayliff 20kW Grid Connect 20kWp  100kWh  80No, 250W  134m2 STP20000TL 50Hz/415V
Dayliff 50kW Grid Connect 50kWp  225kWh  200No, 250W  335m2 3xSTP25000TL 50Hz/415V
Dayliff 100kW Grid Connect 100kWp  500kWh  400No, 250W  670m2 4xSTP25000TL 50Hz/415V