Emergency Water Distribution Accessories

Pillow Tanks
Pillow Tanks from Even products are robust collapsible water tanks designed specifically for the storage of drinking water in rugged environments being particularly applicable for emergency humanitarian relief. They are lightweight, easy to install and relocate and ideal for emergency uses. Tanks are made of PVC food grade material as approved by Oxfam and UNICEF and are resistant to chlorine. A black film sandwiched between the fabric layers blocks UV light reducing algae growth in the stored water.

Tank features include two 2'' inlet/outlet ports firmly welded into the tank, a pressure reducing valve and a sampling/inspection port. Corners reinforcements are fitted for strength and leakage avoidance.

Tank Size, (litres) Dimensions LxWxH (mm) Weight(kg)
1,500 2100x1950x500 70
5,000 3600x2600x950 95
10,000 5000x3200x1000 150
20,000 7400x3300x1000 233

Distribution Tap Stands
Tap stands are used to facilitate delivery of water from storage tanks to the point of use. They are of sturdy galvanised steel design to withstand the rigorous use expected at an emergency drinking water point. Tap stands are supplied with ¾" self-closing water saver valves, 2" Guilemann coupling at the bottom of the riser pipe and supporting legs and quick coupling connection for fast set-up. The tap stands are available in two sizes, 3-tap and 6-tap.

PVC Lay Flat Hose
PVC layflat hoses are lightweight and versatile suitable for temporary water delivery in a variety of applications. Made from strong UV protected reinforced PVC they are strong and durable and designed to take light delivery pressures.

Size(‘’) Working Pressure (Bar) Burst Pressure(Bar) Weight(kg/m)
3.2 9.6 0.2
2 3.2 9.6 0.3
2 High Pressure 7 21 0.5
3 2.8 8.4 0.38
4 2.4 7.2 0.52

Guillemin Coupling
Quick and secure couplings fastened by hand turning. They are made from precision cast aluminium and enable quick and easy coupling and decoupling without the need for any tools. Couplings are available in 1½" and 4" sizes.