The Dayliff DWV range of submersible pumps are designed to handle industrial and domestic waste water and sewage and are especially suitable for pumping water containing a high proportion of solid particles including threads and fibres. The pumps are of heavy duty construction featuring cast iron vortex impeller which minimises clogging, cast iron pump casing, double mechanical seal and NBR oil seal. Models up to DWV 10A are designed for free standing installation and are fitted with level switches for automatic operation while larger models are designed for fixed installation with discharge connection suitable for guide rail mounting. All pumps are supplied with 10m of H07RNF cable.

Pumps are supplied with dry-type 2-pole motors designed for continuos duty. They are provided with integral overload protection and require a remote DOL starter.

Enclosure Class: F
Insulation Class: IP68

Pumped liquids: Thin, chemically non-aggressive liquids, containing suspended particles up to the specified size.
Max. Liquid temperature: +40°C
Max. Operating Depth: 10m
Min. Immersion Depth: 160mm


Model Voltage (V) Power Current (A) Max. Particle Size (mm) DN ('') Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
DWV 05A 1x240 0.5 0.37 4 35 2 222 145 410 13.5
DWV 10A 1x240 1 0.75 6 35 2 222 149 464 18.5
DWV 30M 3x415 3 2.2 5.2 35 3 547 208 568 35
DWV 50M 3x415 5 3.7 8.6 50 4 663 227 638 57
DWV 75M 3x415 7.5 5.5 12 50 4 663 227 678 63


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