The DAYLIFF DSP range of submersible multistage centrifugal pumps are specially designed for borehole supply applications. Material of construction include noryl impellers, glass filled polycarbonate diffusers, stainless steel inlet and outlet chambers, stage casings, shaft and pump housing. These quality materials together with the floating type impeller design provide the pumps with efficient performance ,excellent sand handling capabilities and long life.

The pump is coupled to a two pole sealed motor constructed principally from stainless steel. Single phase motors are supplied with a separate control unit that incorporates an isolator, run indicator light, thermal overload protection and starting capacitor which can be connected directly to the mains power. The box is also provided with auxiliary terminals for control probes, pressure switch or float switch. Three phase motors require a remote DOL starter; a DAYLIFF electronic pump controller is recommended for comprehensive pump control including wireless low level protection, motor overload and voltage fluctuation.

Enclosure Class: IP68
Insulation Class: F
Speed: 2900rpm

Pumped liquid: Thin, clean, chemically non aggressive liquids with a max. sand content of 50g/m3.
Max. Water temperature: +35°C
Max. immersion depth: 200m
Min. borehole diameter: 110mm


Model Voltage (V) Power Current (A) Istart/I DN ('') Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
DSP 3-11 1x240 0.75 1 4.3 4.7

342 98 722 21
3x415 2.3 3.9 707 20
DSP 3-16 1x240 1.1 1.5 8.1 4 430 835 24
3x415 3.1 3.9 810 22
DSP 3-21 1x240 1.5 2 10.4 3.7 519 959 28
3x415 4 3.5 924 25
DSP 3-32 1x240 2.2 3 15 3.1 749 1244 35
3x415 5.6 3.9 1189 30