DLIP Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery

Dayliff DLIP Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries with Battery Management System control are high-performance products matched to the Dayliff DUV, Ultraverter multifunction inverters with principal applications for solar power system storage and mains power supply backup. They offer considerable benefits including enhanced power output, considerably extended life and cooler operation in high temperatures and are especially suited to high specification installations. Particular benefits include:-

  • 100% depth of discharge with a design life of up to 8000 cycles, 4 times the life of a comparable Lead Acid type
  • Constant discharge voltage that enables the battery to deliver nearly full power until it is fully discharged. This also greatly simplifies voltage regulation control.
  • Lighter weight but higher energy density to similar capacity Lead Acid alternatives.
  • Low self-discharge rate of 3% per month.
  • Built in battery charge/discharge protection.
  • Excellent resistance to over and under charge with no damaging effects.
  • Maintenance free, totally safe and environmentally friendly.
  • Batteries should only be connected in parallel. Series connection will result in battery damage.

In every aspect of performance Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries offer a much superior solution over the Lead Acid alternatives and though of higher capital cost deliver the more economical long term outcome due to their greatly increased life, consistent power output and better charge/discharge performance. For high specification systems where enhanced performance is demanded and reliability is essential they are the optical choice.

Model Specification Storage Capacity (kWhrs)

Max. Charge Current (A)

Max Discharge Current (A) Dimensions(mm) Weight (Kgs)
Length Width Height
DLIP-05048 48VDC 150AH 2.4 50 50 482 410 133 25
DLIP-10048 48VDC 100AH 4.8 100 100 480 44
DLIP-15048 48VDC 50AH 7.2 150 150 500 222 80