Huawei Power-M

Huawei Power-M is an intelligent integrated power supply system with a back-up facility. It includes a power module with inverter and a high-capacity lithium-iron phosphate battery and is compatible with either or both off-grid PV Solar or on-grid mains power supply all fitted in a compact IP65 enclosure suitable for indoor or outdoor installations. In hybrid PV/mains supply mode power input is principally provided from the PV source supplemented by the battery which is charged from the mains and during periods of non PV output the system automatically switches to mains power. Conditioned pure sine wave output power is provided in every output mode that is suitable for small electronic equipment. The systems are applicable in all residential and small scale applications and are the ideal solution for reliable and consistent power supply. Systems are scalable upto 30kWh battery capacity through connection of multiple units.

  Huawei Power-M
AC Input/Output Power 6KVA/5kW
Maximum Output Current/Phase 30Amps/ Single Phase 240VAC
Phase Single Phase, 240VAC
Battery Module Energy 5 kWh per module
Battery Life 6000 cycles @ 25°C, 80% DOD
Overload Capacity 102%< load <125% - 30Sec
Installation Wall-mounted/ground-mounted
Dimensions (LxHxD), mm 700x691x158
Weight 50kg

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