Dayliff Purification Products

Ultra Violet Purifier
A five stage undersink water purifier for lightly silted water from municipal sources with possible bacterial contamination. Specifications include:

  • Three stage sediment and carbon cartridge pre-treatment
  • Mineralising media cartridge
  • UV steralisation
  • Sink mounted output tap
  • Output is 110L/hr, Chlorine Level <0.2ppm, Water Temperature 4 - 38°C, Inlet Pressure 1- 3bar

Under Sink RO Purifier
A six stage water treatment purifier suitable for clean water from municipal sources for under sink installation that includes:

  • Three stage sediment and carbon cartridge pre-treatment
  • Compact reverse osmosis purification using Hidrotek/Filmtec membranes
  • Ultra violet sterilizer and carbon filter post treatment
  • 10L steel storage tank
  • Sink mounted output tap
  • Daily outputs of 200L/day and 400L/day are available, Chlorine Level<0.2ppm,TDS 0 <250ppm, Water Temperature 5 - 45°C, Inlet Water Pressure 1-3bar

Compact RO Purifier
An elegant five stage water purifier for counter top mounting that uses reverse osmosis technology and provides totally pure water from clean municipal sources. Specification includes:

  • Three stage sediment and carbon pre-treatment
  • Revers Osmosis purification using Hidrotek/Filmtec membranes
  • Carbon cartridge filter post-treatment
  • In-built booster pump and 10L automatic filling storage tank
  • Suitable for counter top mounting
  • Output is 350L/day, Chlorine Level<0.2ppm, TDS< 250ppm, Water Temperature 5 - 45°C, Inlet Pressure 1-3bar

Treated Water Dispenser
An integrated water dispenser that provides four stage water purification for lightly silted municipal water and heated and cooled output. Features include:

  • Three stage sediment and carbon cartridge pre-treatment
  • Reverse Osmosis purification • Inbuilt booster pump and storage tank
  • 550W heater to provide hot water on demand at temperature 85 - 95°C at 5L/hr
  • 68W electron cooler to provide cold water at temperature 5 -10 C at 2L/hr
  • Cartridge change reminder with alarm function and user friendly interface
  • Combined output is 10L/hr, Chlorine level<0.2ppm, TDS <800ppm, Water Temperature 5 - 45°C, Water Pressure 1-5bar

Domestic Purifier
A gravity feed 8 stage purifier to provide quality drinking water from municipal sources simply pour water in at the top and enjoy pure healthy water at the outlet. Flow is approximately 30L/day and total capacity is 14L with 9L of treated water storage. The treatment process includes:-

  • Fine ceramic filter for light silt and bacteria removal.
  • 5 level multi media cartridge for taste and odour conditioning.
  • Zeolite based water softening.
  • Mineral module to add essential minerals to the water making it healthy and giving it a fresh taste.
  • Magnetic Water tap to enhance the absorption to nutrients and supplements in the body cells.


Type Operating Press Max Temp Weight Size Connection
10” Clear housing 5 50 1.1 130x320 ¾” NPT
10” Blue housing 8 65 1.1 130x320 ¾” NPT
10” Jumbo housing 6 65 2.2 180x350 ¾” NPT
20” Clear housing 5 50 2.5 140x570 ¾” NPT
20” Blue housing 8 65 2.5 140x570 ¾” NPT
20” Jumbo housing 6 65 3.2 180x600 ¾” NPT

A wide range of filter bodies to house the various cartridge options is offered, all made from strong non-corroding inert polypropylene plastic. Options of Standard or Jumbo bodies in 10" and 20" sizes with either clear or blue housings are available and cartridges are selected to suit specific applications.

Series connected multi bodies are also available in either dual or triple configurations for multi stage treatment. Dual bodies include 10mic Sediment and Granular Carbon cartridges and Triple bodies an additional Block Carbon cartridge. They are also supplied complete with brackets, faucets and necessary tubing and fittings for a complete installation.


Sediment Removal
Wound Polypropylene Yarn:- The standard cartridge for removal of sediment and particles down to the specified mesh size. Suitable for use with solvents, oils, acids, alkalis, and brine as well as other potable liquids and available in 1mic, 5mic and 10mic meshes.

Spun Polypropylene Fibre:- The spun melded polypropylene fibres provide a homogenous material structure and are ideal for ultra-pure filtration purposes where leaching of filter material must be avoided. Available in mesh size of 1mic, 5mic and 10mic.

Pleated Polyester:- Made from pleated polypropylene, these cartridges are suitable for high flow potable water applications due to enlarged filtration surface area. They provide fine sediment filtration to 0.35micron and are ideal for final polishing before UV treatment.

Bacteria Removal
Ceramic:-The finely pored ceramic diatomaceous material provides ultra-filtration to 0.9mic for the removal of fine particles and is particularly suitable for removal of micro-organisms and bacteria. Particles are retained on the medium surface which can be cleaned by scrubbing

Taste/Odour/Chemical Removal
Granular Carbon
:- A granular activated carbon filter using acid washed coconut shell based carbon and suitable for removal of chlorine, organic chemicals, insecticides, pesticides and herbicides as well as unpleasant tastes and odours. A 1mic polypropylene outlet polishing screen is also included.