Atlas Filtri Purification Products

Multibody arrangements are available for series filtration using 10” bodies in either double/triple undersink and single counter top configurations. The units are recommended for use with a combination of cartridges for sediment, odour and taste removal. All units are supplied with necessary accessories for easy tap connection.
Flow (l/hr) Max Pressure (Bar) Max. Temp (°C) Dimensions (mm)
600 3 45 240x330x160

HYDRA - Self Cleaning Filters
Strainer filters with a backwash facility activated by opening the drain valve. This displaces the cartridge and reverses the flow, sediment being discharged through the drain valve. All materials are non-toxic suitable for drinking water and the filter strainer is made of plastic net (90µ) or pleated plastic (50µ).

Flow (l/hr) Max Pressure (Bar) Max Temp (°C) Connectors (BSP) Dimensions (mm)




¾" 390x120x107
6000 1" 415x120x107
10,000 1½" 415x120x107

A six-stage water treatment purifier suitable for treating municipal sources in under sink configurations. Features include:-

  • Three stage sediment and carbon cartridge pre-treatment, Reverse Osmosis purifier, UV steriliser and post carbon filter.
  • Filter bodies silver Impregnated to prevent biofouling.
  • Unit includes pressure pump, 16 litre in-line tank and faucet.
  • Inlet water limits: Chlorine level < 0.1 ppm, TDS < 1000 ppm, Turbidity < 1.0 NTU
Max. Flow (l/day) Max Pressure (Bar) Max. Temp (°C) Dimensions (mm)
Up to 380 >1Bar <3Bar 45 380x180x510

PLUS - Filter Bodies
Designed to accept all standard cartridges, heads are made from non-toxic reinforced propylene and the bowls from PET, both being suitable for drinking water. Features include screwed ring bowl clamping, blue or clear bowls and breather valve. Bodies can be connected in series for dual or triple stage filtration.

Size Max Pressure (Bar) Max Temp (°C) Connectors (BSP) Dimensions (mm)




¾" 315x133x130
20” 571x133x130

SANIC Antimicrobial Filter Bodies
Range of standard size housing suitable for drinking water with specially formulated silver impregnated bodies and heads to provide antimicrobial protection. They are available in either clear or grey housings and are suitable for domestic or small scale water filtration applications where they keep the filters cleaner for longer.

Size Max Pressure (Bar) Max Temp (°C) Connectors (BSP) Dimensions (mm)
10” Sanic Clear Housing






10” Sanic Grey Housing
20” Sanic Clear Housing


20” Sanic Grey Housing
10” Big Sanic Clear Housing 8.3


10” Big Sanic Grey Housing


Ref Size (") Type Application Mesh
Max Flow
Max. Temp (°C) Pressure
Loss at
rated Flow
FA SX 10 Would Polypropylene yarn General sediment removal including scale, sand and lime rust.

1,5,10,25 2000 45 0.005bar     3-6 months
20 3000
30 1,5  4000
CPP SX 10 Melt-blown Polypropylene The homogenous material structure is ideal for fine filtration of all sediments when leaching of filter material must be avoided. 1,5,10 2000 80
20   3000  
FA SANIC 10 Polypropylene wound thread with antimicrobial technology General Sediment filtration with antifouling capability 1,5,10 2000 45 0.05Bar 3-6 months
20 3000 0.1Bar
CPP SANIC 10 Melt-blown polypropylene with antimicrobial technology Fine sediment filtration with antifouling capability 1,5,10   80
20   0.15Bar
RL SX 10 Washable Polyester Net Sediment Filtration 50   45 0.1Bar   1-2 years
RLA SX 10 Washable Stainless Steel Net and plastic frame 70   2-3 years
RLA A SX 10   80 3-5 years
AB SX 10 Ceramic The finely pored ceramic material provides ultra filtration for the removal of particles, microorganisms and bacteria. The cartridges should periodically be cleaned by scrapping and pre-filtration is required. 0.45

300 45 2.2bar  6-12 months
20 500
AC MX 10 Pleated Polypropylene Borosilicate Very fine particle filtration with large filtering surface providing long service period, high flow and low pressure drop. Pre-filtration is required 0.2, 0.45 1000 85 0.05bar 3-6 months
20 1800
LA SX 10 Granular Activated Carbon from Coconut Shell Removal of chlorine, taste, odour, insecticides, pesticides and herbicides. The upward flow design ensures maximum contact time through the bed. Pre-filtration is required. The plastic housing is refillable when the media has expired

500 45

0.25bar   3 months

20 750      
CA SX 10 Mixed Melt-Blown Polypropylene & Granular Activated Carbon Sediment, chlorine, odour and taste removal. Suitable for improved water quality for single body installations. 25 600 45 0.25bar 3 months
FA CA SX 10 Wound polypropylene filter cartridge filled with GAC Sediment filtration and removal of chlorine, taste, odour (CTO); volatile organic compounds (VOC). 5 600 45 0.2Bar 3-6 months
CB EC VOC SX 10 Carbon Block (Environmentally friendly manufactured) Fine sediment filtration and reduction of: chlorine, taste, odour (CTO); volatile organic compounds (VOC) 5 230 45 0.1Bar 3-6 months
CA SE SX 10 Carbon Block made from Sintered Carbon Powder with Silver Impregnation Fine sediment reduction, removal of chlorine, taste, odour and removal of bacteria and cysts. Suitable for ultra fine water quality in single body installations 0.3 300 43 0.5bar 3-6 months

QA CF SX 10 Cationic Resin Hardness reduction through the removal of Calcium and Magnesium carbonates. The plastic housing is refillable when the resin is exhausted. Limits: CI and Fe concentration should be < 0.1ppm and hardness <500ppm, sediment pre-filtration is required. - 50 45    0.1bar

3-6 months
20 90
QA AF SX 10 Anionic Resin For nitrate reduction. The plastic housing is refillable when the resin is exhausted. Limits: NaNO3 < 200ppm, SO4 < 300ppm and sediment pre-filtration is required. 50 3-6 months
20 90
HA SX 10 Phosphate Crystals Anti scale water conditioning providing prevention of scale deposit, calcareous incrustations and corrosion protection. Max total water hardness < 500ppm and not suitable for dirty water. Sediment pre-filtration is required. The plastic housing is refillable when the resin is exhausted. - 1500 35 0.3bar 6 months