Jupiter Water Softeners

Atlas 'Jupiter' water softeners use the ion exchange principal for the removal of hardness in water exchanging the Calcium and Magnesium ions, which cause the hardness condition, with Sodium ions using the medium of a strong cationic resin led. The filter bed is regenerated at regular intervals using Sodium Chloride (Brine) solution by a backwash process during which the removal hardness ions are flushed to waste. All softeners include the following:- 

  • Strong GRP reinforced polyethylene resin tank designed for long life.
  • Polyethylene brine tank with drain piping.
  • Control valve that automatically cycles the regeneration process on either a volume or time elapsed basis depending upon parameter specifications. Regeneration can be programmed according to operating conditions.
  • A filter charge of cationic ion exchange resin. 

Atlas 'Jupiter' water softeners are quality units designed for continuous operation in small flow requirements including domestic, process and industrial applications. The combined features of simplicity of operation and robust design make them an ideal solution for all softening requirements. 


Softeners are rated by their exchange capacity, which is in the quantity of Calcium that is removable between regenerations and is determined by the resin performance and resin capacity. Equipment sizing is then computed on the basis of the raw water hardness and the required brine regeneration period, 24hrs being the minimum. 

For example the Jupiter 30AVL has an exchange capacity of 2250g CaCO3 and for water of 200ppm CaCO3 hardness the treatment volume is 2250/200 =11.25m³ between regenerations. Assuming a 10 hour operating period/day and daily regeneration the required flow rate is 1m³/hr. 

Note that softening performance is reduced by increased TDS levels and it is necessary to compute compensated hardness when TDS levels exceed 400ppm as follows:-

Compensated Hardness (ppm CaCO3) = Measured Hardness (ppm CaCO3) x 9000 / (9000 - TDS level (ppm))

Raw Water Appearance: Clear
Iron: <0.1ppm
Chlorine: <0.5ppm
Temperature Range: 5°C- 40°C
Min Inlet Pressure: 2 Bar
Max Operating Pressure: 6 Bar


Model Resin Capacity (ltr) Exchange Capacity* Brine Consumption (kg) Recommended Max Flow Rate (m³/hr) Outlet Dimension (mm) Weight (kg)
JUPITER 30AVL 30 2250 4.5 1.8 ¾” 1087 264 790 380 40
JUPITER 70AVL 70 5250 13 3 1” 1588 338 825 565 82

* Exchange capacity may vary depending on resin used.