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D&S Pools Division under Segment Manager Stephen Muhia has recently developed an innovative and cost-effective new solution for chlorine dosing. Equally effective in both swimming pool and water treatment applications, the Dayliff Chlorfloat can be placed in pools and water storage tanks to provide constant chlorine dosing and sanitization for up to a month. Available in both Chlorine 90 and 65 modules, Chlorfloat is also offered with an optional booster for enhanced water stabilization and therefore offers pool owners and operators an easy and stress-free solution for effective water dosing that avoids the need for daily chemical addition.

Because the floating units allow for steady and constant dosage, optimal water quality can be achieved with less chemicals resulting in long term savings with the added benefit of reduced risk of under/over dosage. Adjustable to 3 intensity settings, Chlorfloat can be configured to different pools sizes and usage profiles and multiple units can be deployed in the same pool/reservoir if required.