Service Providers Conference

2018 Service Providers Gathering

The D&S Service Providers Initiative was launched in 2006 as a means of enhancing service provision by offering a faster and cheaper response to D&S partner requirements. This was achieved by providing free and comprehensive training on the D&S range of products and solutions to local technicians who,

once qualified, would then work with D&S in a symbiotic relationship focused on serving the market more effectively and efficiently. The initiative has been hugely successful and today there are over 240 independent Service Providers in Kenya alone who have all benefitted from the mutually satisfactory arrangement.

A recent event hosted by GM Service David Bolo saw 100 active members congregate at the D&S Training Center for further product and system training as well as prize giving with James Mwangi from Suntouch Ltd being crowned D&S Service Provider of the Year 2018.