Giving back to local communities has been a commitment of Davis & Shirtliff since its founding in 1946...

Since it was established, Buri-amia dispensary has served as a central maternal center in Loyiangalani. Unfortunately, due to the lack of any lighting in the hospital, deliveries could only be undertaken during the day, which, along with some other factors, caused a very high mortality rate at the institution.

Davis & Shirtliff, through her #improvinglives program, partnered with the Winds of change Foundation, to donate solar batteries for the dispensary. This has since greatly impacted the rate of successful deliveries at the institution.

The Lake Turkana Wind Power plant (LTWP) is Africa’s largest wind farm, comprising 365 wind turbines - each with a capacity of 850kW, and a high voltage substation. The farm is located in Loiyangalani District, Marsabit County, Kenya. LTWP runs a foundation, Winds of Change Foundation, (WoC), which has a mandate to undertake sustainable community development projects, in Laisamis constituency in Marsabit County.The foundation has partnered severally with Davis and Shirtliff, through the westlands branch, to create impactful change within Laisamis.In September 2020, Davis and Shirtliff, through the “Improving Lives” program and D&S Westlands, partnered once more with WoC, to provide a 13KW solar lighting system for Arapal Primary school and 6 no. 200AH batteries for Burri-amia Dispensary.

Since it was established, the dispensary served as a central maternal center due to its proximity to many villages in the region. However, it was very poorly equipped, that mothers often had to give birth on the floor. Lack of a lighting system meant that deliveries could only be undertaken during the day. The result of this was a very high mortality rate, a reported 4 out of 5 babies and 3 out of 5 mothers. With the installation of a solar lighting system, the hospital not only has the capability to offer extended access to healthcare in the evenings and night, they also have a solar powered refrigerator for the medicine, to improve the storage of drugs and vaccine.