Giving back to local communities has been a commitment of Davis & Shirtliff since its founding in 1946...


Experts at the World Health Organization’s Africa office have warned that surging hospital admissions for Covid-19 would divert already limited resources to tackle major health issues in the region, worsening the impact of coronavirus.

In its continued support to supplement Governments efforts, and support health care workers in the fight against Covid 19, Davis and Shirtliff Zambia, in partnership with World Vision Zambia, have installed a water chlorination system in one of Kitwe’s COVID 19 isolation centers.

 Kitwe Teaching Hospital is a 3rd level referral hospital serving the second largest populated city in Zambia. It has 664 bed capacity and daily patient traffic of up to 1,300. In a bid to make sure that the hospital’s water is properly disinfected, D&S donated and installed Klorman inline Chlorination systems. The units are connected to 3no. 10,000 litre tanks which supply water to the various areas within the facility including the isolation center. As a result, the installed units will ensure a reliable and totally effective solution for continuous disinfection of water at the health facility.
Pictured during commissioning is D & S Kitwe Branch Manager Kakompe Lutangu, The Head of Environmental Health, Mr Edson Mwinga and Environmental Health Officer Ingrid Musonda.