Water Treatment

Davis & Shirtliff project in Turkana in the presence of the Chairman Mr. Alec Davis

In a remarkable display of engineering prowess, Davis & Shirtliff, a prominent name in water solutions, rose to the challenge of providing a sustainable water purification solution in the arid region of Turkana. Faced with a complex conundrum of multiple boreholes yielding an impure water mix, Davis & Shirtliff ingeniously engineered a comprehensive water treatment plant that not only met the water demands of the region but also adhered to stringent drinking water standards.

The situation in Turkana was one of both opportunity and difficulty. While the region had access to multiple boreholes, the water extracted was a mixture tainted with suspended matter, turbidity, precipitates, and dissolved salts. The challenge lay in developing a solution that could not only purify this mixed water source but also provide a substantial hourly output of 15,000 liters to cater to the water requirements of the camp residents. The water's end use was a critical factor; it needed to be clean and safe for drinking, posing an even more demanding set of criteria for purification.

Davis & Shirtliff's response to this intricate problem was nothing short of groundbreaking. D&S conceptualized and executed a water treatment plant that seamlessly combined various purification technologies to meet the unique needs of the Turkana region.

Ultrafiltration Unit - This initial stage of the water treatment process tackled the removal of suspended matter, turbidity, and precipitates. Ultrafiltration, a process that uses semi-permeable membranes to separate particles from water, was employed here to efficiently cleanse the water mix. The result was a significant reduction in visible impurities, setting the stage for further refinement.

Reverse Osmosis Unit - The challenge of eliminating dissolved salts from the water mix was confronted with the application of a reverse osmosis unit. This technology employs a selective membrane to remove dissolved ions and other impurities, resulting in a water stream of enhanced purity. By carefully calibrating the reverse osmosis process, Davis & Shirtliff ensured that the water not only met basic purity standards but surpassed them, achieving a level suitable for consumption.

Post Chlorination for Ultimate Safety - Recognizing the paramount importance of disinfection, Davis & Shirtliff incorporated a post-chlorination step. Chlorine, a powerful disinfectant, was judiciously introduced to the water after the purification process to neutralize any remaining pathogens or microorganisms. This final touch guaranteed that the water emerging from the treatment plant was not only pure but also entirely safe for human consumption.

Davis & Shirtliff's accomplishment in Turkana stands as a testament to the transformative power of innovative engineering and a steadfast commitment to resolving complex challenges. By devising a water treatment plant that seamlessly integrated ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, and post-chlorination, they not only addressed the pressing water demands of the region but also significantly improved the quality of life for the camp residents. The success of this endeavor showcases the remarkable potential of technology to overcome hurdles and pave the way for a more sustainable and healthier future.