Water Treatment

D&S undertook a project to supply a Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant for use in supply treated water to the Sultan Palace Beach Retreat at an average rate of 20000 litres per hour. The recovery of the plant was designed at 70% recovery. (Permeate i.e. treated water to the feed water ratio). 

To ensure that the water feeding the RO membranes is of the correct quality, water to the Dayliff RO equipment is supplied pre-treated using a Dayliff Filtration System that incorporates sand and activated carbon 

The scope of D&S include the supply of the low pressures booster pump, dosing systems (pH, SMBS and Antiscalant dosing), Micron pre-filter (5 micron), Reverse Osmosis equipment, 5000 L Clean water buffer tank, Clean water transfer pump, the CIP chemical tank and CIP pump.