Water Treatment

Supply and Installation of the Ultrafiltration plant

D&S Water treatment/Engineering completed the installation of a 25m3/hr Dayliff Ultrafiltration Plant at the British Army Barracks in Nanyuki. The plant drawing were first approved on paper before moving to site to start the assembly and installation of the plant.

The plant recovery was designed at 98% and with a flux of 65 LMH.

The D&S scope involved the assembly, supply and installation of the Ultrafiltration plant. A 120mic pre-filter was installed upstream of the UF plant to ensure water going into the plant was of the right quality. Pneumatic valves were used to control the operation of the entire plant using a smart PLC based control panel with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) feed and backwash pumps for optimal operation of the Ultrafiltration plant while reducing operation costs by saving on the plant’s energy requirements.