UltraSun UFX Flatplate

Ultrasun UFX Flatplate solar hot water systems are high specification thermosyphon type hot water heaters designed for long life operation in extreme conditions. Options are available for Open Loop and Closed Loop systems, Open Loop heating the water directly through the collector and Closed Loop separating the collector flow water from the through flow water, heat being transferred through the tank jacket. This is suitable for mineralised and brackish water that may corrode or scale the collector's capillaries. Features include:-

  • Heavy-duty tank which includes a steel powder coated outside casing, steel storage tank internally coated with glazed enamel and fitted with a magnesium sacrificial anode for exceptional corrosion protection, steel powder coated end caps.
  • Flatplate solar collectors that incorporate full area selective copper plates laser welded to copper circulation tubes, high specification insulation and tempered security glass to provide energy absorption of up to 95%.
  • Low thermal conductivity high specification flexible stainless steel circulation piping with PVC coated elastomeric rubber foam insulation jackets.
  • Connection piping that includes an incoming non-return valve, pressure release valve rated at 6bar, and drain cock. An added 3bar pressure release valve is provided for Closed Loop tanks.
  • Galvanized mounting frame for both flat or inclined roof installations that ensures high durability in all weather conditions

Ultrasun UFX Flatplate solar systems are available in various tank sizes and collector configurations to suit domestic and small-scale installation applications. They are efficient and robust products guaranteed for five years to demonstrate the high material specification. Designed for many years of trouble-free operations, they are the ideal solution for all solar water heating applications.

Water Quality: Water outside the following limits should be appropriately pre-treated, 
Direct: Clarity: clear, TDS<600mg/l, Hardness<200mg/l CaCO³Saturation Index: >0.8<1.0
Indirect: Clarity: clear, TDS: <1500mg/l, Hardness: <400mg/l CaCO³Saturation Index: >0.8<1.0
Max. Operating Pressure: 6 Bar for Open Loop, 3 Bar for Closed Loop
Max Flow Rate: 2m³/hr


Model UFX 160D/I UFX 200D/I UFX 300D/I
System tank size (litres) 160 200 300
Typical Household (people) 5   7
Flat plate Collectors 1xST230 2xST180 2xST230
Collector area (m2) 2.3 3.6 4.6
Collector weight (kg) 36 52 72
Collector fluid capacity(litres) 1.5 2.4 3.1
Max. heat output/Day (kWhrs) 13 20 28
Min. heat output/Day (kWhrs) 9 14 18
Dimensions (mm) A 1240 1900 2560
B 1960
C 2700
D 1070 1270 1870
E 610
Empty weight (kg) 60/70 70/80 90 120
Full weight (kg) 220/230 270/280 390 420


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