SUNFLO Solar Pumping Systems

Solar pumping is now firmly established as the technology for water supply in remote off-grid applications and also as the costs reduce increasingly for general pumping duties. Dayliff have been leaders in the technology since the birth of the industry and today offer a huge range of options for every solar pumping requirement imaginable. Particularly a range of competitive, high specification solar pumping systems have been developed for smaller scale applications which are based on robust submersible solar pumps specially designed for PV powered water supply from wells and boreholes. Together with the pump all systems include:-

  • The appropriate specifications and number of Grade 1 PV modules with connectors for simplified installation
  • Submersible drop cable and joint together with 10m module connection cable
  • DC solar isolator with MCB control provided for module isolation
  • Safety rope and HDPE pipe connectors

Pump components are manufactured from high quality engineering plastics with santoprene used for the diaphragm and EPDM for the valves.
Pump casings is stainless steel and a 50-mesh stainless steel screen. Pumps can be installed either with a direct connection to the PV module or through a charge controller that is connected to a battery for 24hr operation. Pump output will be determined by the PV module input power available.

Positive displacement type of three chamber diaphragm design. They are manufactured from high quality engineering plastics with plastic casings for the 150 model and stainless steel for the 300. Pumps can be connected directly to a 24V PV power supply for daytime only pumping or through a charge controller connected to batteries for extended daily operation.

The pump is fitted with of permanent magnet type totally enclosed brushless motor with 24V DC power input from either a direct source or photovoltaic modules. Internal thermal protection is also provided.

Performance curves are given at standard test conditions of 1000W/m² solar irradiance and 25°C. Output will vary throughout the year depending upon prevailing irradiation levels. For estimated daily outputs at continuous pumping multiply the indicated output at the duty point by the daily irradiation given in Graph 1. For indicative purposes factors of 1.1 can be applied for hot arid areas and 0.9 for temperate high altitude areas in the Tropics. Output will vary throughout the day as a proportion of the estimated hourly irradiation as shown in Graph 2.

Pumped Liquid: Thin, clean, chemically non-aggressive liquids without solid particles.
Nominal Voltage: 18V-40V
Max. Liquid Temperature: +77°C
Ambient Temperature: -40°C-+60°C
Max. Immersion Depth: 30m
Internal by-pass Pressure: 7.5bar
Max. Voltage: 45V


Pump Model Indicative Performance Input Voltage(V) Motor Rating Watts Peak Voltage(V) Open Cirtcuit Voltage (VoC) PV Modules  Cable length, 2.5mm² Outlet size
SUNFLO-S 300 3m³/day at 60m 24 300 24 <50 2x200W 60m ¾
SUNFLO-A 150H 2m³day at 30m 24 150 ≥30 1X200W 30m
SUNFLO-A 270H 3m³/day at 50m 36 270 ≥45 <100 2X200W 50m
SUNFLO-A 600H 4m³/day at 70m 48 600 ≥60 <100 4x200W 70m
SUNFLO-B 120H 3m³/day at 30m 24 120 ≥30 <50 1X200W 30m
SUNFLO-B 500C 6m³/day at 40m 48 500 ≥60 <100 4x200W 40m 1
SUNFLO-B 1000C 12m³/day at 70m 110 1000 ≥112 <200 8x200W 70m