Pool Chemicals

Model   Description
Chlorine 65 1, 5, 20 &
Granular Calcium Hyporchlorite (65% available chlorine) is the most common compound for pool chlorination. Available in 5kg, 20kg and 45kg pack sizes.
Chlorine 90 5, 20 &
Granular Trichlorocynuric Acid (90% available chlorine) offers higher chlorine concentrations and the benefit of a water stabilizing carrier. It is also available in slow release composition for longer reation time. Available in 5kg, 20kg and 40kg pack sizes.
Chlorfloat 1.4Kgs A convenient pool chlorine doser that contains dissolvable Chlorine tablets and floats on the water surface providing constant water chlorination. Supplied in one size for pools up to 70,000 litres, larger pools are dosed with multiple units. Options of TCCA Chlorine 90 or Calcium Hypochlorite 65 tablets are available.
Chlorfloat Plus 1.8Kgs Chlorination as for standard unit though provided with a one-off dosage of granular booster water conditioner in the floater top that is an algaecide and adds extra sparkle to pool water.
pH Minus 5 & 20Kgs Liquid form Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) for pH reduction of high pH alkaline water.
Dry Acid 3kgs Granular form Sodium Bisulphate (NaHSO ) is an acidic salt for use with high pH alkaline water. It is 4 safer to handle and has similar properties to standard pH Minus.
pH Plus 5 & 20kgs Powder form Sodium Bicarbonate (NaHCO3) that raises alkalinity to recommended levels and provides stability for pH and thus clearing cloudy pools faster. Available in 1Kg and 5kg pack sizes
pH Plus Super 1 & 5kgs Granular form Sodium Carbonate (Na2 CO2 ) for pH increase of low pH acidic water.
Flocculant 5, 20 & 50kgs Granular Aluminium Sulphate AI2 (SO4)3 is used for clearing heavily discoloured water and also increases filtration efficiency. 
Stabilizer 1kg Stabilizer contains Cyanuric Acid which chemically stabilizes pool water and reduces chlorine demand.
HTH Sparkle IT 1 Litre A water conditioner that clears cloudy water, improves filtration efficiency and adds extra sparkle to pool water. Available in dissolvable cubes and granule form
HTH Clear Blu 180g Dissolvable cubes that brings extra sparkle to pool water and reduces chlorine consumption
Algicure 5 & 20 litre For the effective removal of algae growth, especially when established on the pool walls and floor.
Pool Magic Plus 1,3 & 5kgs Specially formulated liquid form polymer that gives pool water extra sparkle.
Anti Stain 5 & 20 litres A detergent to remove scum and stains from the pool surfaces.
Pool  Booster 1Kg A strong blend of sulphates offering algicidal and clarifying effect on pools which reduces use of chlorine.
Metal Remover 1 litre A detergent that eliminates metals including iron and copper from pool water, clears coloured water except algae and prevents staining of pool shell due to metals.

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