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Davis & Shirtliff Technical Director Philip Holi and Supply Director Henry Davis with Huawe officials during the partnership

D&S Technical Division under Director Philip Holi have collaborated with key partner Huawei to host an event at D&S Tatu for the solar EPC Industry (Engineering, Procurement and Construction).

Featuring Huawei's world leading digital power and energy storage systems, the D&S/Huawei partnership is expected to drive adoption of the technology across the region. Key products include:-

Huawei Sun Series Smart String Grid Connect Inverters are of transformerless design for the management of hybrid solar powered PV/AC mains power supply installations. The inverters convert the PV generated DC power to either single or three phase AC depending on model, and feed to the applied load prioritizing the PV output, supplementing with AC mains power if there is insufficient PV generated output.

Huawei Power-M is an intelligent integrated power supply system with a back-up facility. It includes a power module with inverter and a high-capacity lithium-iron phosphate battery and is compatible with either or both off-grid PV Solar or on-grid mains power supply all fitted in a compact IP65 enclosure suitable for indoor or outdoor installations. In hybrid PV/mains supply mode power input is principally provided from the PV source supplemented by the battery which is charged from the mains and during periods of non PV output the system automatically switches to mains power.