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Davis & Shirtliff launched the new products in 2023

As is the tradition at Davis & Shirtliff, great efforts are made to supply partners with the latest, most advanced and most efficient products and solutions available. In this years' 2024 Product Manual, significant product initiatives from Dayliff include the DSmart and DBE ranges of intelligent pumping solutions, the Sunverter 4 smart pumping inverter, the Econo range of quality value items and the revolutionary DSX permanent magnet high frequency borehole pumping range.

Also, from Dayliff comes the HPW range of ultra efficient Heat Pump Hot Water systems along with an enhanced ranges of garden tools, pressure washers and the Dayliff DUV range of multifunction inverters which are designed to couple with DLIP Lithium-Ion power storage solutions.

From key partners Huawei and Pedrollo several new ranges have been introduced. From Huawei, the world leading SUN2000, LUNA and POWER-M on grid digital power generation and storage solutions are featured. From Pedrollo, HT vertical multistage pumps and the high specificiation SR-S range of premium quality borehole pumps are offered, exclusively from D&S. In the pools segment, the groundbreaking Dayliff Chlorfloat chemical doser and revamped lighting ranges are featured with all new products in stock now and available for delivery.