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Davis & Shirtlifff designed an Engineering portfolio booklet that is available on the D&S website

The D&S Technical Division under Director Philip Holi has in recent months completed an impressive array of large scale and complex engineering projects that have provided customized solutions for customers in a wide variety of applications. To raise awareness and concisely document a selection of projects spanning the various product segments, an Engineering Project Portfolio document has been published and is available in both hard and soft versions via the D&S Group website and FLO App.

Featuring project case studies as well as site photos, drawings, schematics and examples of control interfaces, the portfolio places a particular emphasis on D&S' Digital Engineering Solutions, with most if not all projects now benefitting from elements of digital monitoring and control. In addition to completed projects, a section aimed at consulting engineers and trade professionals has been included that demonstrates the various Digital Engineering tools that have been developed by the company to add value to partner activities. These include sizing Apps Solarcalc, Pumpcalc and the Pool Tool and iDayliff remote monitoring.