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Partnership of Daylipa and Paygo

New products are the life blood of all organisations and driven by the Product Committee, it has always been a particular focus for D&S. Over the years the product range has grown hugely and we are proud of the many innovations we have introduced to our markets. The Dayliff initiative has been particularly successful with the pump product range being as wide as available anywhere and is now firmly established as the leading market brand that also includes many other products from our various other segments.

Detailed elsewhere are some of the recent product introductions including the Dayliff Econo range of budget equipment to supplement the premium alternatives, an ever expanding range of smart pumps, irrigation equipment and solar solutions as well as new lines of boat outboard engines and garden equipment. There has also been significant progress in the expansion of our chemical activities supported by the recently certified testing laboratory. All of these innovations expand our market presence and keep the Group growing.

Another very important initiative recently launched is the D&S Pay-asyou-go (Paygo) option with a focus initially on solar pumping solutions. Credit is critical to many customers and using a digital platform developed by Technical Director Philip Holi and engineer Brian Nyagol working with UK based partner 4RDigital, a Paygo option is now available that offers a regular monthly payment based on energy consumption. Also provided will be full product support enabled by the established iDayliff equipment monitoring facility so faults can be detected and often rectified remotely. A new structure is being created named Daylipa to execute this project with the objective of making solar pumping equipment widely available that can be financed from the economic benefits it generates. We are all very excited about the potential of this initiative that will certainly greatly contribute to our 'Improving Lives' focus.

Finally, a mention of another of the ongoing initiatives - expansion of the branch network led by Margaret Kuchio in Kenya and Subsidiary executive Anthony Wangondu regionally with new branches in Remera in Rwanda, Kibaha and Morogoro in Tanzania, Kagundo Road and Vipingo in Kenya opening recently. As well as being important commercial contributors these branches bring our range of essential products closer to markets which again contribute to improving lives