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Davis & Shirtliff Zambia opened another warehouse in Zambia
As is always the case after the Festive season's holidays and celebrations, the new year seems to start sprinting and already we are in March! The first two months are particularly busy at D&S as we finalise the various new year routines and start executing the Annual Plan, an important tradition being its presentation to all staff to align them with Group priorities.

The year has begun well and one important development I would mention is completion of the new D&S Zambia Warehouse and Administration centre in Lusaka. It is a most impressive building with over 2000m2 of racked storage and offices for the various support teams. I must commend MD Jonathan Mainga for initiating and driving the project and Group Supply Director Henry Davis for assisting with the design and operationalisation. It is an excellent facility that will transform the logistics efficiency of the Central African region.

Another important initiative is the opening of several new branches over the past few months. In Kenya, driven by Branch Executive Margaret Kuchio and her team, locations include Mlolongo, Ruiru, Chuka and Kilifi raising the country total to 59 while in Tanzania MD Ben Munyao has opened a new branch in Mbeya. We are proud of the benefit these branches provide by bringing our essential products to the various markets as we apply our Improving Lives purpose.

Another initiative of note has been the launch of the new Pool Tool (pool management App). Developed in house by Digital Business Manager Ken Muturi, this is an excellent reference for both pool installers and owners and we are very proud having created world-class support to our pool business.

One particular present concern for us all is the ongoing drought that is having a severe impact throughout the region. The lack of rains is almost unprecedented and the suffering in the rural areas is in some cases extreme. Through our Improving Lives initiative we are providing various communities with water and of course our products, especially the solar pumping solutions, are making a big contribution to alleviating the terrible conditions. There is no doubt that climate change is a significant contributory factor and we all in our ways must do what we can to contribute to the planet's sustainability. In the meantime we pray for rain and a better wet season!