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 Davis & Shirtliff Chairman, Group CEO George Mbugua with Technical Director Philip Holi Pictured taking a photo with the D&S manufactured filters

A major milestone was recently achieved by the D&S Fibreglass Department, the production of the 25,000th Dayliff DX/CX filter! In Kenyan terms this is quite an achievement and given that there are probably less than 10,000 pools in the country most are fitted with these distinctive yellow filters. It's been a long journey, the first filter being made in 1985 with initially low production numbers that have grown over the years. Now available in five sizes and two configurations, Dayliff filters have proved their durability over years of service, many twenty year old ones still being in daily use.

Dayliff filters are a real Kenya success story being widely exported throughout the region and though always hidden in plant rooms they are responsible for the clean water in the majority of Kenya’s swimming pools. Everyone in the fibreglass team is very proud of this unheralded contribution to Kenya's swimming facilities in private homes, institutions including schools and the hospitality industry, production today continuing at record levels from D&S's Dundori Rd factory!